Imagine a place where nature feeds your body and soul, where clean air encourages outdoor recreation, and where fresh flavours delight the senses. This is a place where the mountains meet the water, where glaciers feed crisp alpine rivers, and rare inland temperate rainforests purify the air. It’s a place where the people live closely with the land, fostering a contagious passion for outdoor activities, and where cultural expression, entrepreneurial spirit and an appreciation for locally crafted tastes are celebrated. 

Breathe deeply, there’s a lot to take in. This is the Nelson and Kootenay Lake region.

Our sense of place runs deep

Nestled deep in the Selkirk mountains, the region is home to alpine glaciers and a bountiful annual snowpack that feeds a rich tapestry of vegetation, rivers and lakes. This blessed abundance of natural resources has attracted entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts, creating lively communities rich in heritage, energy and possibility. 

Heritage is hip

From mining to forestry, hydroelectric power to cutting edge technology, and arts to agriculture, the spirit of the region continues to evolve and thrive. The rich mining history and influential early status led to the development of dozens of ornate buildings, and offers a uniquely preserved heritage charm coupled with a vibrant big city feel.

Unbelievable fall colours and food

Snowmelt and freshwater coupled with long warm summers supports a fertile agricultural region, local producers and bountiful outdoor markets. The fruit growing, and diversity of trees continues with captivating communities in bloom and relaxing waterfront parks.

Arts - a part of our nature

Spectacular scenery and remoteness attracts artisans, free spirits, and wellness seekers keen to share their passion, creating a compelling arts and culture destination.

Indigenous culture

From traditional first peoples to peaceful early settlers, the region continues to captivate those seeking a lifestyle more in balance with nature.

Thriving community then and now

Talented and creative residents have shaped the region, creating thriving and vibrant businesses, accommodations, and communities that honour the past, celebrate the present and create a progressive vision for the future.

Creative flavours

A fundamental desire for locally grown food coupled with a remote location fosters an independent culinary and brewing spirit that celebrates quality, creativity and exceptional flavours at more than 75 independently owned restaurants and 4 breweries, across the region.

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