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The weather forecast in the entire Kootenay Lake region (Nelson, Balfour, Kaslo, Crawford Bay) changes notably with the four seasons. Summers tend to be hot and dry, while winters are snowy with mild temperatures. We are located in an inland temperate rain forest, so precipitation is key to our environment, providing the moisture for a variety of flora, and epic deep snow. 



Spring temperature averages 8.3C (46F). We receive a total of 170 mm (6.8 in) of rain and see 643 hours of sunshine. Up into the mountains we also get an average snowfall of 12 m (40 ft), so spring skiing can last well into April, even May.

At lower altitudes and near the lake, spring is a great season to play golf, and to start road cycling and mountain biking.

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In summer we are graced with 817 hours of sunshine and an average temperature of 18.9C (66F). Mid-July through September is far warmer, averaging closer to 25C (82F). It rains 150 mm (5.8 in), mostly in June.

Summer season is full of outdoor marketsfestivals and, of course, outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking, and camping.

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There is a quick transition from a typically warm September and early October to a colder November. So even though the average temperature is 8C (46F), there’s lots of variation.

Expect a total of 33 cm (12.6 in) of snow in Nelson and 370 hours of sun. Up in the mountains, fall brings lots of early season powder. Because of that snow, for the eager skiers, there can sometimes be some fine early-season ski touring before December arrives.

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Snow. Lots of glorious, white, puffy snow. Winter here isn’t a season, as much as a celebration. On city streets and local hillsides, look forward to frolicking in an average of 172 cm (64 in) of snow. In the mountains, at the region’s many alpine skiing and snowboarding, cat skiing, heli-skiing and snowmobiling areas, it snows far, far more. Whitewater Ski Resort averages 40 feet each year! (Over 1,200 centimetres.)

With the snow comes cooler temperatures too, but not deepfreeze chills. The average winter temperature near the lake is just -2.1C (28F), with 148 hours of sunshine.

Winter in the region is a great time for skiing, backcountry touring, ice skating, and ice fishing.

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