Nelson's Iconic Mural Festival

Nelson's Iconic Mural Festival

Welcome to our Annual Celebration of Murals!

The Nelson and District Arts Council (NDAC) presents this fabulous annual event in Nelson BC. Through the festival NDAC seeks to increase the cultural vibrancy of Nelson by engaging local, national, and international street artists, muralists, creators and arts lovers through large scale public artworks and educational opportunities.

What is the Nelson BC Mural Festival?

Throughout the summer months, artists are invited to paint their specific mural for a few weeks until finished. As the murals are completed, a map is made with locations and directions to each piece. Local, national and international muralists are invited to come share their craft and beautify Nelson’s alleys.

All supplies and equipment for muralists are provided by the festival. The walls used are both public and private. Muralists are chosen by quality of skills and techniques, and the ability to communicate a unique vision, overall professionalism and presentation of ideas, appropriateness of artwork to the community, experience, and potential to successfully complete the project within the required amount of time.

When is the Festival?

The festival is usually in August, and exact dates and a schedule can be found on the NDAC website.

What happens during the Mural Festival?

Typically there is an opening ceremony and patio parties, followed by festivities throughout the downtown core (i.e. Baker Street and area) such as live theatre, a street party, and DJs.Come out and support the first annual Nelson International Mural Festival! It’s a wonderful initiative to support Nelson’s arts & culture and promote public engagement with public art. 

Self-Guided Audio Mural Tour

We also have a self-guided audio mural tour. We think it's pretty fantastic. There are over 50 murals available to listen to in both French and English. You will learn about who created the murals and interesting anecdotes about the mural. And, it's free. If you prefer, you can view just a map of the locations here. 

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