Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

A Place to Relax 

Just 15 minutes from Kaslo or Balfour, and 40 minutes from Nelson, the famous Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is a quintessential part of any trip to our region.

Three pools, including a large, family-friendly pool, are set into the side of the mountain, each with fantastic views of Kootenay Lake. The caves are a particularly unique feature; the horseshoe shaped underground tunnel allows guests to soak while getting up close with stalactites. 

Open year-round, the spring and fall are great times to beat the crowds, but it's worth a visit at any time—even Christmas Day or New Years Day, when hopefully snowflakes are fluttering down during your soak.

Natural source

Originating in the Cody Caves area, the water is naturally heated two kilometres beneath the surface as it filters through porous rock. Hydraulic pressure then forces the water upwards where it emerges at a steamy 47C.

The water is then cooled to an average of 42C before it first enters Ainsworth Hot Springs. The main lounging pool temperature averages about 35C, and there is also a stream-fed cold plunge pool.

Local Kootenay historian Greg Nesteroff tells us some interesting attributes about the hot springs in his blog through old postcards, brochures, vintage ads and of course well-written prose.

Spectacular caves

One waist-deep pool loops through a magnificent 160-foot cave, with subtle lights to guide your way. The beauty of this experience, from the limestone stalactites to the steamy air from the hot mineral waters, is worth a visit in itself.

What else is there to do?

After a relaxing night's stay, decadent dinner, and a soak in the hot springs, there is a world to explore along Kootenay Lake: Kaslo, Nelson, North Kootenay Lake and the East Shore.

Kaslo is only 15 minutes north of Ainsworth Hot Springs and is the quientessential historic small town with heritage everywhere, the SS Moyie, Kaslo Hotel & Pub, restaurants, Angry Hen Brewery, and a relaxing walk along the Kaslo River Trail.

The Region

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