Discover year-round fishing on Kootenay Lake! Numerous marinas on Kootenay Lake provide access, and there are charters and fishing guides as desired. Fishing derbies take place in the spring and fall, while winter is a favourite season as big fish come up from the depths. 

For background information and history, Kootenay Mountain Culture has written an article summarizing the history of the beautiful trout, while Friends of Kootenay Lake is a local organization with lots of information on the lake and the fish within it.

Ready to go fishing?

Our Place - Flying High

For the eighth video in the Our Place series, we go to the places that rivers run through and find Dana Harrison, third generation fly fisherman, photographer and editor of Fly Fusion Mag.

Tie one on, perfect your cast, and head downstream where pristine rivers, endless adventures and jaw-dropping wilderness await.


Fishing Licenses

Licenses need to be purchased before you fish, and you can get them at sporting stores and fishing retailers. A separate license is also required to fish in national parks, which can be purchased at park headquarters at each park site.

See Travel British Columbia’s travel resources for up-to-date licensing information.

Important: Fishing Regulations. There are currently restrictions on catching Kokanee due to the low numbers in the lake over the past few years. To find out what you can fish and when, and for licensing information, visit the government website. To see Kootenay Lake Regional Regulations view the Region 4 document.

Boat Rentals

If you're looking to rent a boat for your upcoming fishing adventures on Kootenay Lake, you are in luck because year-round boat rentals can be found in our region.

Jones Boys Boats offers bow riders, pontoon boats, deck boats and more. Although they mainly operate in the summer, they do have a fishing boat that can be rented all year.

You will also be able to find fishing rentals at Woodbury Resort. They have a range of fishing boats that are available throughout all four seasons.

Fishing Derbies

The spring and fall fishing derbies are run by our local organizers. You can view what's being caught across Canada, and record your catch on MyCatch.

Charters and fishing guides

Winter Fishing on Kootenay Lake

Because Kootenay Lake does not freeze-over in winter, you can still fish during the colder months here. The bigger fish come up from the cold depths (152m/500ft) in the winter, and if you slow down and stay patient, you can catch a 20 pound Dolly Varden or that elusive Gerrard Rainbow Trout.

Salmon Spawning

Watch thousands of salmon head up the waterways to release their eggs. Kokanee Creek, Meadow Creek, and Mill Creek are some of the best places to see this amazing spectacle in late August and early September. For more information visit our Salmon Spawning page.

The Kootenay Lake Watersheds

The lake and rivers of our region don't just work by themselves. We have a diverse system of many watersheds that all work together and support so much of our ecosystem. For more info visit Friends of Kootenay Lake, they've developed a great map showing all the different watersheds around the lake.

Preventing Invasive Species

We want to keep Kootenay Lake pristine and free of invasive species. We ask all anglers to please CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY their boat and equipment. For more information on how you can take action and prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species visit the CKISS website.





The Region

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