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The Kootenay Lake Road Trip App is a new experience offering fun and informative self-guided audio tours around Kootenay Lake. You can enjoy the tours in the privacy of your car, walking or even on your bike.

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Want a sneak peak?

If you would like a sneak peak of the tours, check them out now, on desktop, before you start to explore. 

  1. The Driving Tour features over 100 points of interest all around Kootenay Lake. Choose your preferred direction and start location: #1, #2, or #3.
  2. The Mural Tourin both English and French, highlights over 50 murals in Nelson.  You can start and finish wherever you like.

Driving Tours

The Driving Tours tell the story of this region from forests to First Nations, and attractions to amenities. If you are curious to learn about the region you are in the right place; with over 180km of gorgeous highway driving, close to 100 sights, sounds and stories and three different directional routes (#1, #2, #3). We have created an informative journey that fits with your travels. The tour can begin anywhere around Kootenay Lake and you can use the app as long or as short as you'd like. 




Mural Tour

In partnership with the Nelson International Mural Festival we have created a self-guided mural tour with over 50 captivating murals tucked into alleys and side streets around Nelson. The Mural Tours are available in both French and English. To choose which language, go to Settings at the bottom of the App and choose your language of choice.

The murals can be experienced starting anywhere you prefer. Meander around, stop for some food & beverage, or do some shopping, and carry-on at your own pace.

Easy To Use 

Download the free app, select your preferred route, turn up the volume, and hit the road! The audio tour plays while you drive, automatically telling you about the area, and even plays local music for your driving pleasure. 

How To Use The App

Check out this handy instructional video from your local tour guide Darren! 

  1. Download the Kootenay Lake Road Trip App from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Allow the app to Use your Location Always (we don't collect any information on your location, this is just for GPS functionality).
  3. Turn on Push Notifications (this is so the app is able to tell you about points of interest even if your phone is locked).
  4. After downloading the app, you'll notice there are three options: #1, #2, #3. Select the tour that best matches the direction you'll be driving.
  5. Start the tour and enjoy! Focus on the road, we will take care of the rest. No need to check your phone during the tour and while driving.


There is no shortage of things to do in the region, before or after your tour. Get off the bike or out of the car and go explore - shopping, dining, attractions and more.  We've created some itineraries based on your traveller type. Explore our trip ideas before heading out. 

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Enjoy the Tours

Let us know what you think of the tours. Your feedback will allow us to continue improving the app and develop new tours. Email


Frequently Asked Questions 

To assist you in using the App here are some quick answers to your potential questions. 


  • Where do I go in Nelson to do the entire tour?

    If you want to do the entire tour, starting in Nelson, go to 71 Baker Street, in Railtown at the Visitor Information Centre.

  • Where do I go in North Kootenay Lake to do the entire tour?

    If you want to do the entire tour, starting from Northern Kootenay Lake, head about 2km north of Duncan Dam Road in Meadow Creek, BC.

  • Where do I go in Wynndel to do the entire tour?

    If you want to do the entire tour, starting from Wynndel on the East Shore, head about 2km south of the Fas Gas in Wynndel, BC.

  • Will there ever be more tours?

    We certainly hope so! If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see a tour of, feel free to let us know.

  • Why isn’t the map working?

    Please ensure you have allowed location services for the app. We don’t collect any of this information, it just allows the tour to work properly based on your location.

  • Why isn’t the audio working?

    Please ensure you have push notifications turned on for the app. This is how we provide you with information live, as you reach POIs.

  • Can I change the language of the tour?

    Currently the driving tours are only offered in English. If you wish to do the mural tour in French, you can change the language in the Settings tab in the bottom right.

  • Do I need reception to take a tour?

    Nope! However you do need a data-supporting connection (Wifi or 3g, 4g, etc) to download the tour. From there, all it requires is the GPS signal of your phone to function properly.

  • Why isn’t *insert POI* on the tour?

    We’ve tried our best to capture as many amazing things as possible on these tours, but obviously things can be missed or there just isn’t enough space. If you have a suggestion for an addition, please feel free to let us know!

  • Why are points getting cut off while I’m driving?

    The tour has been designed around driving the posted speed limit. If you drive faster, then there isn’t as much time to tell you about all of the wonderful things you’re seeing! If you notice anything that is cut off despite driving the speed limit, please let us know.

  • Can my music play while doing the Tour?

    Spotify and other music apps will play while using the App, however Carplay with radio playing are not yet compatible.

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