Arts & Heritage

The famous "Kootenay vibe" runs through the arts, heritage and people of our region. With more heritage buildings per capita than anywhere else in British Columbia, Nelson’s and Kaslo's culture can be seen in our historic and gorgeously-restored homes, shops and buildings. Crawford Bay is full of unique artisans that are internationally renowned. You'll be sure to fill the car with local treasures as you travel around and discover the region. Come Find Awesome!

Nelson's vibrancy

Known as “The Queen City”, Nelson was, from the start, a centre for culture. It is highlighted as the "Number One Small Town Arts Community in Canada" by author John Villani, and is home to a large and diverse artisan community. With more heritage buildings per capita than any other city in the province, Nelson's reputation as the “Heritage Capital of BC” is also appropriate.

Two larger theatres, the Capitol Theatre and Civic Theatre, are both testaments to the long standing richness of our cultural heritage. Nearby, the Oxygen Arts Centre, a modern artist collective, hosts an artist-in-residence series as well as presentations series and book launches.

Nelson's vibrant local artist co-op, Craft Connection, is housed in a downtown heritage building. And the state-of-the-art Touchstones Museum of Art and History is located in our original 1912 post office building—a gorgeous turreted stone structure, designed by the same architect who designed the parliament buildings in Victoria. Viewpoint Gallery located on Hwy 3A just after the Big Orange Bridge, hosts a variety of local art, 

Nelson's International Mural Festival showcases amazing murals all around Nelson, primarily in back alleys, which gives the experience a certain Kootenay "je ne sais quoi".  New murals are put up annually. You may even arrive when a new one is being painted!

Kaslo's rich history

Kaslo's Langham Cultural Centre is a remarkable building, not only in its structure but its generous hosting of literary, visual and performing arts events throughout the year. Its recent restoration won acknowledgement as one of British Columbia’s Best Buildings.

Kaslo also has a collection of art throughout the village, with new stores and artisan shops displaying their wares on Kaslo's vibrant streets. Many downtown heritage buildings have been lovingly restored.

And no mention of Kaslo can go without the SS Moyie, the oldest preserved sternwheeler in the world. It was restored to give visitors a feel for real life in the 1800s along the Kootenay and Columbia rivers. 

Balfour and Ainsworth Hot Springs Gems

Along highway 3A, near Balfour, there are local artisans and galleries that showcase what the region has to offer. JB Fletcher Store Museum in Ainsworth Hot Springs is most definitely worth a visit. You'll journey back in time and be in awe of the artifacts and new wares for sale. 

Crawford Bay artisans

It's quite magical exploring the artisans of Crawford Bay, with internationally renowned artists, and hands on facilities to watch the products being crafted, right in front of your eyes.  Broom shops, weaving, metal works, pottery, jewellery, flower shops, and more. 

Public Art

Other notable attractions include the large inventory of public art throughout Nelson, with sculptures, murals and art infrastructure created by both local and international artists; the self guided Heritage Walking Tour; attending Artwalk to experience the wonderful work of local visual artists; and strolling the streets of Nelson for a mural tour of new artwork from the Nelson Internation Mural Festival.  

And to round it all off, an original streetcar, restored to its original glory, runs spring, summer and fall along Nelson's waterfront. There are many more arts-related organizations and artists in the region. Come explore our attractions!

Nelson is supported by the Nelson and District Arts Council, and the entire region is supported by the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council.   

Local Artists

  • Claire Wensveen - Nelson BC

    Claire attended The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she achieved her bachelors, in fine arts . Since then she has been sculpting, drawing, attending residencies, and teaching children's pottery classes. All of her work is food, dishwasher and microwave safe. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Eva Myers-McKimm - Nelson BC

    Eva Myers-McKimm blends traditional ceramic designs with a contemporary twist. Wheelthrown ceramics are a physical meditation of head, heart and hands. From the generous lip to the comfortable handle, these simple, clean vessels are made by and for hands. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Sweet Mountain Pottery - Nelson BC

    Sweet Mountain Pottery is a beautiful studio, garden and gallery located 6 miles East of Nelson. Make plans to come by or watch for our roadside stand on various weekends in the Spring, Summer and Fall. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Larry James - Nelson BC

    I have been doing stained glass for more than forty years and am primarily a self-taught artist with the exception of some specialty courses. I mostly enjoy creating Art Deco and Victorian pieces but often get involved in abstract or contemporary design projects as driven by the customer's interests. On occasion I like to create a piece solely from clear textured and architectural glass so as to engage Mother Nature in the colouring process. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Slava Doval - Nelson BC

    Doval is the founder and director of DanceFusion, a Nelson based dance school for all ages. She is a passionate dance artist; choreographer and instructor, who aims to create a vibrant movement community that focusses on culture, context, and connection. Doval is an adventurous lifelong dancer who continues to study and perform dance internationally and locally. DanceFusion offers HipHop, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Acro and more. Slava was the 2018 Cultural Ambassador for the City of Nelson, awarded to her in recognition of the excellence of her artistic achievements in the field of dance. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Glynis Waring - Nelson / Kaslo BC

    Glynis Waring grew up in Revelstoke, B.C. and moved to the Kootenays to continue her journey in dance and performance. A former member of Lamondance Company in Vancouver, B.C., Glynis has now founded and Kaslo Dance Studio and is an instructor with DanceFusion in Nelson. Inspired by movement and the expression that comes from each shape and creation, Glynis is grateful for the opportunity to delve deeper into storytelling through dance and to pass her knowledge to future generations of dancers. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Eowyn - Nelson BC

    Eowyn has always loved movement and expression, starting with gymnastics at an early age. When she moved to Winnipeg to finish highschool she pivoted to dance and theatre, using the character development in her dance training. When she returned home to the Kootenays she found, the Aerial Silks, at Discover Circus a local aerial arts school. Over the six years that Eowyn has practiced Aerial Silks she has performed multiple times at Discover Circus's year end showcase and just over two years ago deput her first solo piece at "Cirque de Sensual", a burlesque aerial showcase. Building on that momentum she performed at "Carnival Animal" and "Shambhala Music Festival" the following year. Eowyn has continued to train throughout the pandemic when she is able and dreams for a time when performing is a possibility again. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Acromada - Nelson BC

    Acromada is a performance troupe based out of Discover Circus in Nelson, BC. This eclectic group shares stories through movement and delights audiences with partner acrobatics, aerial silks, lyra, flow arts and dance. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Ky - Nelson BC

    I perform with aerial silks and partner acrobatics. It's been 7 years since I began my journey into circus arts and I have loved every minute. I've completed trainings in acro yoga, aerial silks, hatha yoga and social justice for circus arts, and I'm an instructor and board member of Discover Circus. ARTIST EMAIL >>>

  • Vesper Valentine - Nelson BC

    Vesper Valentine was born into the showgirl world of Glamour & Glitter in 2015, part sultry, part sass, this voluptuous vixen has been teasing audiences ever since! No stranger to the stage this travelling showgirl has graced stages at numerous festivals and shows across North America including Denver, Savannah, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Victoria, Virginia, Nelson & Quesnel. This seductive show pony is also a powerhouse producer who enjoys building community by providing paid performance opportunities for artists. She is the producer of the annual Kootenay Burlesque Festival in Nelson, BC as well as the Naked Girls Reading Nelson Chapter and she is the regional Canadian producer for the Golden Variety Champion Challenge. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Ruth Parish - Nelson BC

    Canadian artist Ruth Parish studied painting (BFA University of Connecticut), curated video/film for alternative art venue Real Art Ways, and participated in New Music America with an installation and video acapella childrens' opera. She has shown at a number of galleries, freelanced, and art directed a couple of regional magazines. Parish studied photography with Buddy Rosenberg and digital processing at Selkirk College and began making digital composite photographs in 2006 examining the uneasy place of human beings in nature. Natural history and science continue to steer her narrative. Parish participated in juried show Digital: Imagination on Behalf of Our Planet at the New York Hall of Science. Additionally, her work is in a number of private collections as well as the public collection of the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Lucas Jmieff - Nelson BC

    Lucas Jmieff is a landscape photographer, artist, large format print specialist and publisher of the "Kootenay Escapes" outdoor adventure book, born and based in Nelson, BC, Canada. Please visit his website: for more information. "The landscape is a constant subject for me. I am always searching for that elusive moment when nature and intuitive expression unite to form a living picture." ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Lynn Trinh - Nelson BC

    Lynn Trinh is a Vietnamese Canadian filmmaker, photographer, and graphic designer based in Nelson, BC with a strong passion for fostering culture, community, diversity, environmental awareness, and authentic storytelling through film and the digital arts. She has planted roots in the Kootenays for the past eight years and has continued to fuel her creative passions in Nelson. Her short documentary on Asian youth and their experiences living in Nelson, screened at the Capitol Theatre in 2018-2019, fueling conversations about cultural diversity in rural BC. She is always looking for ways to apply her media background to inspire others and create awareness surrounding sustainable practices, so humans can live harmoniously and symbiotically with wildlife. She recently worked with Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative as their Digital Videography and Storytelling Intern in 2020, where she produced five short films that educate viewers on the Upper Columbia region and its unique ecological importance. Her current and future projects in 2021 include filming a short film to support the local Save Cottonwood Lake initiative, and working with Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society, to film a short documentary on their Osprey Nest Monitoring project. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Tyler Toews - Nelson BC

    Tyler, the founder of Canadian Murals, has been a muralist and painter since 2000. Specializing in large scale murals, he has completed over 100 public artworks for cities, municipalities and businesses across Canada. His client list includes BC Children's hospital, Disney, Vancouver General hospital, Cabelas and more. His recent works have focused on anamorphic optical illusions that create interactive artworks, encouraging personal engagement with the work. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Kat Williamson - Nelson BC

    I am a professional artist and art therapist, painting has served throughout my life as a way to illuminate and ground my connection to wildlife and nature. Since moving to British Columbia four years ago, I have been captivated by the landscape and the lives of the creatures it holds. My work attempts to capture the personalities and the stories of my animal subjects. I want to bring the nuances and the wonders of our world to light through the expressions and the energy in my paintings. I attempt to depict the energy and sensitivity of the natural world by using big and bold brush strokes and focusing on the feeling beyond the detail. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Yoshie Measures - Nelson BC

    Nelson B.C. artist Yoshie Measures is best known for her extremely colourful and very detailed oil paintings. She mixes everyday scenes of some of our most loved animals with nature, captures the emotion while exaggerating the colours to create an incredibly realistic, yet surreal image. Yoshie's first mentor was her dad; he taught her the basics of oil painting. After, she went on to study pencil, watercolour, and fine paper art. Yoshie won national and international awards for her work during middle school using a medium known as Washi Art, sculpting using colourful fine art papers”. It's a process where you take colourful paper and glue it together on canvas to build images that climb out at you. Lately Yoshie has returned to what she loved to do first, oil paintings. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Abby Wilson - Nelson BC

    Abby Wilson is an artist in Nelson, BC. Working in acrylic on canvas, Abby strives to capture her love of Kootenay mountain landscapes with bright colours and bold shapes. She spends as much time as possible hiking in the alpine all summer, often sketching in ink and watercolour along the trail to plan future paintings. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Sandra Irvine - Nelson BC

    Sandra Irvine is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and has won several awards for her paintings including in 2014 the Federation of Canadian Artists's First Prize Award in the Small, Smaller, Smallest Exhibit, and a Mayor's Choice Award in 2016. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including several Federation of Canadian Artists group shows in Vancouver such as the Works on Paper Exhibition in 2018, and the Small Exhibit in 2019, and 2021. Her work also appeared as the cover image for the novel Common Threads, A Family Journey. Growing up in northern BC Sandra developed a strong attachment and appreciation for wild, remote places. It is that power, mystery and simplicity she strives to convey in her work, be it landscape or wildlife. She works in watercolour and oil and is drawn to the soft edges, transparency, and colour mixing qualities both media provide for capturing emotion. Sandra's work is held by numerous collectors throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Isabelle Houde - Nelson BC

    Born in a small mining town in Northern Quebec, Isabelle spent her days surrounded by vast wild lands and lakes. She studied two years at the Alberta College of Arts and did a painting major at Laval University. She participated in many collective exhibits as well as solo shows in Quebec, Montreal and Calgary. She moved to B.C. in her early twenties, as she was smitten with the beauty of the mountains. Isabelle's last painting exhibition was with a collective at the Passmore Art Gallery many years ago. She has made Nelson her home for the past 15 years working as a teacher's assistant and devoting her time to raising her daughter. All these years her love of painting has kept growing and now that she has more time and she can get back to her brushes. She works mostly with acrylic but allows herself to include all kinds of other media, such as collage, pastel, ink, crayons, and oils, anything that allows for free expression. She likes shapes, animals and the abstract beauty of nature. She gathers her inspiration purely from being outside, taking long walks in the forest and observing animals in their natural habitat. She is looking forward to create many new art pieces throughout the following years. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Kim Freeman - Nelson BC

    Kim Freeman received her BFA from the University of Calgary in 1987. She worked as a gallerist in Kelowna and eventually became the owner operator of paint and decorating outlets in Vernon and Quesnel. Retirement has lead her back to painting full time. Subjects are landscape, figurative and formal abstract. She mostly works in acrylic but does paint with oils and mixed media. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Linda Kalbun - Nelson BC

    The natural world of water, ice, snow, rock, birds and mammals inspire my creativity, whether in print media or in paintings. My art comes from a place of intuition and feeling with the outcome of a piece often being very different from the original notion and I love it when that happens! ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Carrie Cudworth - Nelson BC

    A Kootenays based diverse artist, naturalist themed. Total passion creating works for people to bring awareness and inclusion to our natural world, mother gaia. From feathers, animal bones, canvas, drums, to human skin!(tattoo). With this gift of creating, energy exchanged between my brothers and sisters (clients), is really, invaluable. Vulnerability, and introspection of imperfections...and a little bit of magic of course! ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Lainey Benson - Nelson BC

    I am a Canadian artist and teacher, painting both rural and urban landscapes in acrylic. Painting is a visual language that allows me to express my love for my environment. I'm primarily self taught but over the years I have gleaned much from other artists through workshops and books. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Greg White - Nelson BC

    I enjoy creating art that investigates the borders that separate us. At times we may feel disconnected from others and our environment; that we're tiny, separate islands in a vast ocean. The perceived separateness may appear immense and concrete. Using nature as the subject, I experiment with that perception. We recognize wildlife for having a deeper awareness and connection to their environment. For them, the boundary between self and other appears less defined. Through my art I invite the viewer to question the perceived disconnection that feels so widespread in our human world. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • VLB Paintings - Nelson BC

    I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. Started drawing, painting and writing poetry in high school. My inspirations have always been the beauty surrounding me and events happening in my life. My family and I moved to Nelson five years ago. Being in an area that is full of all kinds of artists has inspired me to try new techniques of painting and just seeing where the paint brush takes me. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Beth Joy Studio - Nelson BC

    Beth is an illustrator and graphic designer happily working out of beautiful Nelson, British Columbia! Flora and fauna are her favourites to illustrate and she creates print posters from her originals. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Bryn Stevenson - Nelson BC

    Bryn Stevenson was born in 1983 and grew up in the Slocan Valley, spent his early adulthood in Nelson and now lives in the home he built in Winlaw BC. He attended KSA in 2002 and became inspired to paint a couple years after. He enjoys working with acrylic and oil paint, and he feels somewhat like an instrument letting the knife, brush and paint create the natural patterns and thick, rough textures of mountains. Stevenson is primarily self-taught, molding his own style with influences from different sources and art forms. He works from his own photography, drawings and direct experiences of local scenery as well as from his imagination. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Erika J Sullivan - Nelson BC

    I am a visual artist living in Nelson, BC. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a major in painting and film photography, from Mount Allison University. I have studied extensively from a young age under professional artists, through Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in New Brunswick, and private lessons. I have been the recipient of two professional artist grants, art scholarships and have had my work featured on CBC News. I have exhibited in Canada and South America. Now I live in the Kootenays and I am working on completing an exciting body of work titled CANNABACEAE. This project will encompass a large series of botanical artwork featuring the Cannabis plant, and will include a commentary on the changing nature of Cannabis during these unprecedented times. This body of work is funded and supported by the Columbia Basin Trust. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Lev Sonego - Nelson BC

    Hi! I'm Lev Sonego (he/him/they/them) I'm a queer, multidisciplinary artist and founder of Navel Design Co. I grew up in Thunder Bay, ON, and currently live and work on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, the Syilx, and the Sinixt peoples (Nelson, BC). I have recently studied Digital Arts at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC where I received the Columbia Basin Trust Bursary for my efforts. I have also studied Film Production at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, ON, and Acting for Film and Television at Humber College in Toronto, ON. I am driven to create by a passion for nature and exploring gender expression. My visual art ranges from expressive, hand-drawn illustrations to clean and professional branding for clients. I'm looking forward to working together! ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Jo Ra - Nelson BC

    Creativity and expression through the arts is the foundation I stand on. Growing up in the 80's, I experienced first-hand the global shift from analog to digital. I am driven to fuse old school principles with new age perspectives. Having studied both art and music along with over a decade of experience, I thrive in digging to the core of an idea and bringing it to the surface. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Romany Watt - North Shore (Nelson) BC

    Romany offers Nature Art sessions and creates a variety of work for sale including paintings and hand-made paper hangings and bowls. She is a settler Artist engaged in learning and action. Murals and public art excite her, reducing barriers and bringing art to unexpected places. Romany has lived in the Nelson area most of her life and went to Kootenay School of the Arts and is grateful for her many mentors. Time in nature is precious, and fuels her creative passion. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Zen Wang - Bonnington BC

    Zen is a third generation fine artist. He is a master painter trained under the tradition of Chinese Classic Brush Painting. Sculpting is in his blood since both his great grandfather and grandfather are masons and sculptors. Zen's mission is to spread peace, love and creativity throughout the community and elevate our collective consciousness to the mysteries of life. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Shannon Silvermoon - Nelson BC

    Shannon Silvermoon works with many different mediums from painting with acrylic and sometimes adding texture in the canvases to creating fairy costumes made out of upcycled materials, fabrics and clothing. Festival belts, wands, crowns, furry ears are some examples. I have participated in events from coffee shop wall hangings markets, festivals, art walks and installations. Before getting to know the Nelson art circuit in the last 3 years I was active in the Kelowna art culture for 10 years. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Mel B - Kaslo BC

    Mel Bryce writes, paints, designs, and decays, like any decent corporeal being ought to feel comfortable doing. Existing in the small towns of BC, in a state of quantum consciousness both living with the memories of the past and mourning the death of the limitless future. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Erin Quigley - Nelson BC

    I do many types of art, crafts and various creations but mostly focus on acrylic painting. I have also more recently started fluid painting and creating embellishments with gold flakes and crystals. My art is colourful, mountain and nature based. I'm a long time Kootenay resident and have done art shows, galleries, a local art battle and Artwalk. Thanks for reading. ARTIST EMAIL >>>

  • Renee Harper - Nelson BC

    Renee Harper is an artist, writer and college professor who lives in Nelson, B.C. Renee studied painting, mixed media art and creative writing at Kootenay School of the Arts before earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in Literature from York University. Renee has shown and published her creative work in various venues and platforms over the years. Renee's paintings can be found at various galleries and businesses around Nelson, B.C. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Rita Wege - Shoreacres (Nelson) BC

    I like the experimental and exploratory nature of creating art. I never know what the outcome will be. This means I can leave my perfectionist beliefs behind. Learning to tame my inner critic has been the most important step in allowing me to become an artist. Once I realized how much my inner dialogue was preventing me from being creative I was able to change the negative thoughts I had about my creative abilities. Now, instead of believing everything I make has to be useful, practical and perfect (as I was taught as a child) I can now allow myself the freedom to create art while playing. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Moving Mosaic Samba Band - Nelson BC

    The Moving Mosaic Community Samba band plays Brazilian rhythms with a focus on entertainment and community outreach without regard for the age, ability and background of its members. Music and dance are the context within which we foster cooperation, collaboration and synchronization of the intentions of our members. Through our performances the individual contributions of our members combine to inspire audiences and ourselves to fully participate in their own community. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • The Hillties - Nelson BC

    The Hillties: recipients of multiple The Kootenay Music Awards (2018 & 2019) are a six piece band (chapman stick, ukulele, guitar, piano, drums and three part harmonies) based out of Nelson BC. Using this unique instrumentation The Hillties blend deep grooves and funk into original music to keep the dance floor bumping all night. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • White Lightning - Nelson BC

    WHITE LIGHTNING are a highly danceable 5-piece Blues, Rock and Boogie Band from Nelson, with a distinctive twin guitar/harmonica sound. They play classics from Little Walter and Chuck Berry to the Beatles plus their own originals. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • The Elegant Touch - Nelson BC

    The Elegant Touch flute and guitar duo: A perfect choice for that special occasion. From weddings and family celebrations to corporate events, warm atmosphere and a graceful sense of style are what The Elegant Touch promise to bring to your special day with their carefully chosen repertoire of light Classical music sensitively tailored to match the occasion. "We would highly recommend the pair for beautiful live music for your wedding or other event." Serafina and Taylor, Nelson BC ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Soundserious - Nelson BC

    The captivating west Kootenay group Soundserious delivers cutting-edge environmental rock with jam band style. Joining soulful vocals and dream-like guitar with smooth rhythms and lively keys, this dynamic musical exploration delights the senses. The compelling trio of Troy Falck (guitar, vocals); Marilyn Hatfield (drums, percussion and vocals) and Sharon Lang (keys, vocals), is sure to move you. Heartfelt, hopeful and, at times, haunting, their original music and lyrics hold truth reflecting the human experience and the world at large. Prepare to journey to the depths of heart and soul. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • RhythmDance Orchestra - Nelson BC

    Born of artistic director, Marilyn Hatfield's passion to share the magic and joy of rhythm and dance with all, RhythmDance Drum Orchestra is a potent synthesis of powerful rhythms, striking percussion and high-energy dance. Employing an enchanting array of drums, bells, shakers, percussion and movement, this dynamic ensemble, largely comprised of women, from Nelson, BC, weaves an enthralling spectacle to delight all ages. A chorus of skins singing and bells ringing mingle with sticks clicking and legs kicking that inspire excitement and joy. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Jenny Robinson - Nelson BC

    Jenny Robinson has been writing, recording and performing her original songs since 1989. She has played festivals, halls, bars, bookstores, living rooms and cafes across Canada and the US. Jenny has written songs about love, nuclear waste, Canadian snow geese and philosophers. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Tenise Marie - Kaslo BC

    Tenise Marie is a singer-songwriter who has emerged from the mystical forests of Argenta, BC. On a foundation of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals, she builds her songs with vision and care, singing tenderly of love's vagaries without lapsing into maudlin or cliche" (Jamie Bliss, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine).A storyteller and traveller at heart, her adventures climbing mountains, riding waves, and watching sunrises soak into her enticing melodies and vulnerable lyrics. Her debut single "10 Out of 10” is a coming of age story described as "gently strummed chords, jazzy folk-pop ambience and sublime musicianship" (Darryl Sterdan, The Tinnitist) ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Penny Shades - Nelson BC

    A five piece group formed in the mountainous region Nelson, BC, Penny Shades are a collective of homegrown excellence. Each member leads their own individual musical projects, as well as collaborations with local artists. Comprised of lead vocalist Sarah Orton, guitarist Jesse Lee, bassist Quillan Hanley, piano/keys Daniel Slade and drummer Ness Benamran, the powerful relationship between these musicians is clear. Tightly crafted instrumentals gently guide Orton's unguarded vocals, giving her space to exercise her significant emotive power. Penny Shades released their debut self-titled (FACTOR funded) EP in March 2021. These tracks hold a distinctively visceral quality, allowing the listener to feel privy to the electricity of a first recording and cementing the capacity these musicians have to engage the listener. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • First After The Fire - Nelson BC

    First After the Fire is a Nelson-based acoustic folk-rock-pop-country band that focuses on the art of storytelling and vocal harmonies. Expect to hear guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, and violin accompanying lyrics rich in imagery from the Kootenays and beyond. The band was established in 2013 and has played on stages from Rossland to Nelson to Kaslo in street markets, house concerts, restaurants and bars, and music festivals. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Rabs - Nelson BC

    For the past 25 years Rabs has been writing and performing music in bedrooms, basements, castles, and the main stage at your favourite festivals across Canada. You make recognize him from his weekly residence at the Hume Hotel's Library Lounge, or maybe you heard one of his songs on the CBC, or in the background of your guilty pleasure TV show. Whether on guitar, drums, or turntables, Rabs is always cooking up a new groove. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Jay Danley - Kaslo BC

    I have been a musician for over 30 years, played with some of the best names in jazz and Cuban music and have successfully run 4 bands in the Toronto area. ARTIST EMAIL >>>

  • Sean Cameron - Nelson BC

    I am a musician/writer and frontman for a band called Dirt Floor. I also make some music for podcast and sometimes film. I also edit a podcast. My family and I also have a small organic farm out here in Passmore that supplies a lot of food for local families. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Jill McKenna - Nelson BC

    Born with a strong sense of rhythm Jillian McKenna finds herself inside jazz, folk and alternative sounds. McKenna’s selfless yet confident demeanour translates into her music and has won her the opportunity to play stages such as Bern Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Jazz à Carthage (Tunisia) and The Sanderson Centre (Canada). McKenna's multifaceted reputation has been steadily building over the past half-decade beginning with a scholarship to The New School in New York City studying jazz performance on the upright bass. A product of tireless musical commitment, McKenna carefully listens to what the world is offering her and responds through conscious creativity. Always a cup of coffee in hand, McKenna prioritizes showing up for the music first. She honours the lineage of musicians who have come before her and doesn't take the responsibility of upholding this gift lightly. As long as The Arts continue to offer perspective and enable empathy, you will find McKenna creating. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Moon Family Band - Kaslo BC

    The Moon Family Band is 5 piece + group that plays a very wide variety of music from turn of the century old' tyme, big band, jazz and country standards, folk, Irish, Mexican, Hawaiian, fiddle tunes and early rock'n roll. There are even some blues and classical thrown in there. Four of us (Tina, Linda, Crystal and Eric) were very influenced by our musical parents, Jackie and Warren Moon. We would play at Christmas and whenever we got together as a family. Later, when Dad was in long term care we would go to his room and play music with him, Dad playing an electronic horn. Soon the entertainment director of the facility asked if we'd play for all the residents. The Moon Family Band grew from there. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Melody Diachun - Nelson BC

    JUNO nominee Melody Diachun is a talented vocalist, songwriter, educator, and warm performer praised for her soulful confidence, exquisite intonation, phrasing, and sense of time - All About Jazz. Melody was nominated for 'Female Vocalist of the Year' at the 2009 National Jazz Awards and for 'Artist of the Year' at the Kootenay Music Awards in 2018 and 2019. Her fifth album is set for release in 2022.An increasingly significant jazz singer with her own sound, style, and approach to creating new music, Melody Diachun "is, and will always be, a force to reckon with in contemporary vocal music." - Toronto Music Report ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Paul Landsberg - Nelson BC

    Paul Landsberg is a contemporary jazz guitarist, composer, author, and educator. In his thirty five years as a performing guitarist he has performed in the US, Canada, and Europe with a variety of jazz and contemporary artists including: Shari Ulrich, Robben Ford, Ernie Watts, Kenny Wheeler, Charlie Haden, Bob Mintzer, Dave Weckel, Lew Tabackin, Gunther Schuller, Ben E. King, and Amsterdam’s ICP Orchestra. Paul currently performs with the Paul Landsberg Quartet, Trio Voyage, and the Spokane Jazz Orchestra. Paul has recorded three CD’s under his own name as well as appeared on numerous other recordings. He holds a Masters Degree from the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angels, California. Paul currently teaches at The Selkirk College Music and Technology Program and makes his home in Nelson, BC, Canada with his wife and six children. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Carly Dow - Procter BC

    Carly Dow writes beguiling songs and delivers them with insight and a powerful voice pulled from the place where grit meets beauty. Her music will give you the nudge you need to embrace the wild - surrounding and within. Carly's style of wildcrafted folk – propelled by guitar and clawhammer banjo – has garnered international acclaim for its vivid imagery and enchanting melodies. Her debut album, Ingrained, and sophomore album, Comet, were toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK/Europe. Both albums rose into the National Top 10 folk/roots/blues charts. Bring a compass, Carly will take you places. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Douglas Noblet - Nelson BC

    Douglas Noblet runs Wild Air Photography. Douglas is a Nelson BC based nature and aerial photographer and started Wild Air in 2008. You'll find him exploring the outdoors throughout BC and beyond. He is also a Commercial Pilot, Search and Rescue volunteer, and works in the avalanche industry in the winter. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Tom Weager - Nelson BC

    Tom is a visual artist based out of Nelson, BC. He works in several fields of photography but his passion lies with landscape work and he tries to channel this through all the imagery that he creates. The power of subjects and their composition within a frame is one of our most important forms of communication and that inspires Tom everyday. He's always happy with a camera in hand and his family by his side. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Tammy White - Ainsworth BC

    Tammy has been doing Landscape and Wildlife Photography for over twenty years. She prefers to focus on finding the quiet light in her surroundings. She loves to capture wildlife in scenic locations and in light that mimics portraiture. She creates all of her images from start to finish including the printing and framing. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Josee Gulayets - Nelson BC

    Focused on capturing the natural beauty of the area, Josée has been honing her photographic skills for well over 10 years. From print work to portraits to ethereal concepts, she showcases an unfettered view of the world. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Authentic Living Photography - Nelson BC

    My passion for photography comes from my desire to show my clients that the very thing that sets them apart in this world is what makes them breathtakingly beautiful. I want to capture this essence so that my clients can see the true beauty that shines from within. My goal is to celebrate children and families, to unveil their authentic selves in my images and to help these families decorate their worlds with highly personal artwork. Artwork that matters. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Jake Sherman - Nelson BC

    Jake Sherman is an award-winning photojournalist, freelance writer and reporter living in Nelson, BC. He has bylines in the Globe and Mail, the Narwhal, the Tyee and Georgia Straight, among others and formerly wrote the news at the Revelstoke Review and Nelson Star. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • DJ Ginger - Nelson BC

    Ginger has been a part of the All female DJ group, Meow Mix, for the past 20 years. She has been a pioneer as a female DJ in Nelson and internationally. She has played music at every stage at Shambhala music festival over the past two decades. People love to move and be a part of the creativity she brings to the dance floor! Ginger has a new music project named Midori that is unique, global electronica meets the Kootenay mountains! ARTIST WORK >>>

  • DJ Dubconscious - Nelson BC

    Dubconscious has come to represent both the east & the western coast of Canada. Born and raised in the Toronto area, he attended University in Victoria before spending 2 years in Nelson BC, snowboarding in the winters & working with the talent department at Shambhala and as talent buyer with their venue, Bloom Nightclub. Since then, he's gone on to become a resident of the Living Room (Beach) Stage over the past decade, also turning in 4 years of performances at Bass Coast. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Capsule Studio - Nelson BC

    Capsule Studios offer professional recording services for anything from singer songwriters, film scoring, voice overs , podcasting to full bands live off the floor. Located on Baker St , the heart of Nelson , we are close to all amenities and lodging. Production and Mixing , Album Artwork , and access to Vinyl Pressing through our affiliates. Shane Johnsen is also a session Guitarist and Member of 2 Local Bands - The Automation & Mk Naomi . Both Are currently Recording and ,( pre covid), Performing Locally. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • D.E. Walters - Nelson BC

    Diane Walters, is a lifelong potter and the owner of eARTh Studio. She has extensive experience working with low, medium and high fire clays and glazes, handbuilding, sculpture and wheel techniques. Diane regularly participates in workshops for advanced potters, and attends the NCECA National Council of Ceramic Educators conference, annually. Her work is in galleries in Alberta and BC. She is a member of the BC Potters Guild. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Yvonne Boyd - Argenta BC

    Yvonne Boyd is a multi-faceted, award winning artist who has lived in the Lardeau Valley since early adulthood. She works with wood, cement, glass, paint and whatever else strikes her fancy to bring her creations to life. Her most recent collaborative works can be seen along the River Trail in Kaslo, at Slocan Lakefront Park or as part of Sculpture Walk in Castlegar. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Sherlin Hendrick - Nelson BC

    Sherlin Hendrick's human and animal sculptural works and paintings reveal an artist's curiosity around themes of self, society, politics, and environment. She works in bronze, and in a variety of low and medium fire clays, incorporating multiple finishes including smoke, raku, glazes, and casein paint to produce evocative pieces intended to spark dialogue. Hendrick studied sculpture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with Martine Vaugel in France, and received her Masters in Fine Arts in Sculpture from the New York Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Canada, including the National Academy Museum and the Phoenix Gallery (New York City) and the Chesterwood Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Hendrick is the recipient of several major awards, including Phoenix Gallery Solo Competition Award curated by Lisa Dennison, Chief Curator of the Guggenheim Museum New York. She received second prize at the Chesterwood Museum, Contemporary Sculpture exhibition in Massachusetts. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • We Are Stories - Nelson BC

    I'm a textile artist with a focus on weaving, plant dyeing and made to order linen clothing. With high environmental standards I aim to create thoughtful functional pieces to be appreciated for years. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Lindsey McTavish - Nelson BC

    Lindsey is a full time artist, showing her work throughout the year in various galleries and exhibits in Ontario and bc. She is one of the owners at the CRAFT CONNECTION gallery in Nelson bc, where her work is shown on a continuous basis. A tapestry artist working with wool and silk, Lindsey creates 2d wall hangings of subjects such as landscapes, people, animals, as well as some contemporary abstract pieces. To view her work, check out her website under the ARTWORK drop down, as the site also showcases her line of waxed canvas bags, and her line of eco clothing. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Heartfelt Designs By Irma - Nelson BC

    I am an ecoprinting or botanical print artist. My designs are created using leaves and flowers that are pressed and steamed onto textiles or paper to reveal their pigments. Each original piece is unique and a reflection of the beauty in nature. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Lucas Myers - Nelson BC

    Lucas Myers is a performer and writer and the artistic director of Nelson-based Pilotcopilot Theatre, which has produced a variety of shows including DECK, Hello Baby! and The Cromoli Brothers. He has performed in major theatres across Canada as well as touring internationally to Europe, New Zealand, Mexico, Central Asia, and Ymir. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Carlo Alcos - Nelson BC

    I've been working in the digital media industry since 2008. Since then I've been a writer, editor, photographer, and video editor/filmmaker. I've managed teams and also acted as a mentor for student writers and photographers for an online travel media school.Since 2016 most of my energy has been focused on video editing for social media, as part of a small team that grew Matador Network's Facebook page from around half a million followers to almost two million. In that time I've also shot, edited, and even scored some documentary films. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • FMRL Productions - Nelson BC

    Jonathan Robinson is a full time freelance film-maker, drone pilot, and sole-propitiator of FMRL Productions. He lives in Nelson, BC, where he focuses on the arts, culture and community development. Jonathan received the 2016 Kootenay Music Awards’ "Best Music Video Award." His documentary work earned him awards during the annual Craft Brews of the Columbia Basin's in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 The Civic Theatre of Nelson, made him their first ever “Artist in Residence” and provided him with a set to film his music video “I DREAM,” which featured music from Juno Nominated music producer Adham Shaikh, and performances by 4 of the areas most prominent dance instructors. Jonathan has worked with dozens of local artists, the Nelson District Arts Council, Selkirk college and the Regional District of Central Kootenay, to produce content for a blossoming rural community. ARTIST WORK >>>

  • Siloen Davey - Nelson BC

    Siloen Daley has created a body of short expressionistic animated films which have screened internationally, and has a studio where something is always in the works. She has worked in arts administration, and curated and presented moving pictures for over 10 years and enjoys being a part of the vibrant cultural community. ARTIST EMAIL >>>

  • Bessie Wapp - Nelson BC

    Bessie Wapp is a theatre artist, musician, educator, and Nelson Cultural Ambassador (2015). Based in Vancouver for her early career, Bessie worked with many of the city's most innovative performance groups and toured internationally. She returned to her home town, Nelson, BC, in 2006, where she continues to create work with Western Canadian groups, perform and direct locally, and follow her passion for community-engaged practice. Bessie leads the Blue House Choir, is an Oxygen Art Centre instructor, and plays accordion and sings in several groups. Bessie welcomes opportunities to facilitate workshops and classes, and engage in theatre and music projects. ARTIST EMAIL >>>

  • Jen Metta Smith - Nelson BC

    Jen Metta Smith is an artist and workshop facilitator based in Nelson, BC. She enjoys writing parody songs based loosely on her life, painting mandalas, and facilitating others in creating original paintings of their own. ARTIST WORK >>>

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