Photographers in Residence

"A photo is worth a thousand words" which rings true in the images captured by visitors and our own local photographers. Over the next while we will be profiling some of our local photographers and you will be in awe of their talent, the secret gems they'll disclose, and diversity of imagery across the Nelson and Kootenay Lake region.

Enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours and characteristics that make Our Place a magical destination. If you are inspired, and want to showcase some of your images and stories share them with us, and you'll be entered to win! 

Madeleine Guenette

I have a keen interest in the nature surrounding me. Water has a special attraction in its calmness and its power. The beauty in the Kootenays is ever-changing. It is a delight to be able to be a photographer in West Kootenays.

Here are a few of the other photographers coming to you soon:

Jesse Schpakowski 

There’s always been a camera in my hand and photography is my life. I live for the days when I’m out there to unearth and create another beautiful image or visual story. These are the moments when I feel truly alive.

  • Tom Weager
  • Joy McAdams

Al McLeod 

I’ve drawn and painted most of my life but just a few years back I bought a camera. I am so grateful and fortunate to live in a place that beams with beauty and sharing it, is a gift.

  • Dustin Lalik
  • Ryan Dury
  • and more...

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