Photographers in Residence

"A photo is worth a thousand words" which rings true in the images captured by visitors and our own local photographers. Over the next while we will be profiling some of our local photographers and you will be in awe of their talent, the secret gems they'll disclose, and diversity of imagery across the Nelson and Kootenay Lake region.

Enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours and characteristics that make Our Place a magical destination. If you are inspired, and want to showcase some of your images and stories share them with us, and you'll be entered to win! 

Madeleine Guenette - April

I have a keen interest in the nature surrounding me. Water has a special attraction in its calmness and its power. The beauty in the Kootenays is ever-changing. It is a delight to be able to be a photographer in West Kootenays.

Jesse Schpakowski - May

There’s always been a camera in my hand and photography is my life. I live for the days when I’m out there to unearth and create another beautiful image or visual story. These are the moments when I feel truly alive.

Tom Weager - June

I’m a Nelson based photographer and through my work I strive to communicate my appreciation of the beauty, peace and power of our natural surroundings. The Kootenays are truly special and not a day goes by that I’m not inspired or grateful.

Joy McAdams - July

Truly blessed to be a resident of the Kootenay area for over forty years where I continue to be in awe of the regions incredible beauty, abundant wildlife, and amazing diversity. Through my camera lens I strive to capture images that will transport the viewer to the experience, spirit and magic of the moment.

Al McLeod - August

I’ve drawn and painted most of my life but just a few years back I bought a camera. I am so grateful and fortunate to live in a place that beams with beauty and sharing it, is a gift.

Dustin Lalik - September

After moving to Nelson for "one winter", Dustin has now spent close to 10 years exploring the vast network of backcountry that surrounds Kootenay Lake. The stimulus for his photos are the landscapes and mountains that change daily depending on the season and light, providing unlimited photographic opportunities.

Ryan Dury - October

Photography is a chance to capture the magic of our planet, how things like light and landscape combine to create unique, fleeting moments. Through my photos, my hope is to inspire the conservation of our wild places.

Greg Rogers - November

The West Kootenays stole my heart 10 years ago in my first weeks in Canada. This place is a playground for the active action-seekers, creative artists of all kinds and inspires healthy conscious living. I moved to Nelson two years ago and never looked back.

Kari Medig - December

There’s no shortage of natural beauty here. But it’s the character, charm and complexities of this place that have kept my camera engaged for almost two decades. I never tire of exploring the edges and in-betweens of the Kootenays.

Alex Balcer - January

Photography is a big part of my life. It empowers me to do better and be better and connect with the people and place. Shooting in Nelson and area is such an honour, which I hope shows in my imagery. 

Aeden Morrell - February

I've been drawn to the mountains for as long as I can remember.  I landed in the Kootenays by chance and instantly fell in love.  The vibe of the towns and the beauty of the nature surrounding them leaves me speechless everyday.  It's a blessing to be able to capture and share some of that through images.

Photographer in Residence - 2022

Nadine Premont - March

Expressing my love for the outdoors through photography is incredibly fulfilling and adds a creative element to the adventures I have here in the West Kootenays. Though I also specialize in wedding photography, capturing mountainscapes fuels my endless need to challenge and express myself.

Jackie Zelt - April

Capturing photos in the Kootenays definitely fills my heart to the brim. The good vibes and beautiful dance between nature and humans in their element makes me lose track of time and I absolutely love it. There’s something magical about this place that always keeps me coming back for more.

Tammy White - May

I am always mindful that photography is literally the art of painting with light. The beauty here is disarming at any time of day but I prefer to capture scenes in the quiet light of dawn and dusk. I am increasingly grateful to live in one of the most spectacular regions in this country.

Lucas Jmieff - June

The landscape is a constant subject for me. I am always searching for that elusive moment when nature and intuitive expression unite to form a living picture.

Alex Botton - July

The Kootenays has that special, intangible ‘something’ that one can’t put their finger on - much like the qualities of analogue film. After working his day job as a cinematographer, Alex takes out his film cameras as a way to keep his tools sharp and his eye keen. The Kootenays is a place that oozes with texture, and what better way to capture that than on film?

Nelson & Kootenay Lake Team - August

We are a diverse group (Dianna, Janelle and Danica) working at Nelson & Kootenay Lake Tourism, experiencing the region through varying activities and perspectives. We love the region: working, playing and discovering all there is to see and do, and sharing this with you. Here are a few of our personal experiences in August.

Elaine Balestra - September

The Kootenays are a nature lovers dream and a photographers delight. I feel so privileged to live in such an incredible place and have certainly found my happy place.  I enjoy playing with light, colour and patterns to tell my story. Whether I’m in the mountains, on a lake or just hanging out in my garden, a camera is never too far away. Lately I am working on slowing down and looking down.  Through that I have discovered much more patience…  just sitting, watching and waiting for something small and interesting to come my way.

Louis Bockner - October

Louis Bockner was born, raised and continues to live in Argenta, BC, a small community at the western edge of the unceded, traditional territory of the Sinixt Peoples. When not working as a journalist and photographer he can be found homesteading with his wife Danielle and their dog Nori. 

Cierra & Mike Dowie - November

Local photographer - details coming soon.

Douglas Noblet - December

Local photographer - details coming soon.

Kristian Camero - January 2023

Local photographer - details coming soon.

Steph Malette - February 2023

Local photographer - details coming soon.

Courtney Craig - March 2023

Local photographer - details coming soon.

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