Our Place

Our Place

What makes our region unlike any other? Well, a lot of things. We are excited to share with you a series of documentary short films over the coming months that profile Our Place, the communities, the people and their passions that shape this remarkable destination.


The fourth short film in Our Place series, Creative Backbone, invites you into the woods and across the lake with Korina Langevin, owner and artist at Red Light Ramen and Backbone Botanicals.

Born and raised near Balfour, on the shores of Kootenay Lake, Korina fuses a connection to the wilderness with a passion for food, art and community. The result is her apothecary-style cocktail and ramen bar tucked into Nelson's Herridge Lane and entirely adorned with a colourful mural by renowned artist Shrineon. Musicians, installation artists and painters alike showcase and congregate in Red Light's welcoming atmosphere. Saddle up to the bar, order your cocktail and soup of choice, and delve into the flavours of Our Place through Korina's laidback, exotic curiosity: how can creativity affect change?

Previous videos

John Buffery

Synergy is explores the unyielding power of the mountains through the ski goggles of John "Buff" Buffery. Strengthened by a committed yoga practice and fueled by a love of the natural world, Buff invites you to hop in the helicopter and soak up the breathtaking moments that make Our Place, his place.

Shelley Adams

Our second video, "Pure, Simple & Real" is filled with artisans for every palate. New York Times Bestselling Author Shelley Adams believes the best things in life, great good and unique places, are meant to be shared. Settle into your kitchen as we take you through the flavour filled journey of Our Place with Shelley and Whitewater Cooks.

Charlie Bunce

Our first video, “Back On Track” features local lover of the region, skier, tram operator extraordinaire, hiker and more, Charlie Bunce. Sit back and relax as we share Our Place with you!


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