Bird Watching for Over 200 Species of Birds

Blue coloured bird perched on branch near Kootenay Lake

Birding in the Nelson and Kootenay Lake region offers hundreds of species of birds, year round. Bald Eagles, Blue Heron, Purple Finch, Red-eyed Vireo, Osprey, Buffleheads, and more. With 14 Provincial Parks, three mountain ranges, two conservancy areas, and a multitude of creeks and wetlands, the result there is an abundance of birds to see and hear. 

Friends of Kootenay Lake are a steward of the water ways and provide events and information to stay informed about where to go for bird sighting.

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

Kokanee Creek Nature Centre has educational seminars, and posts photos and videos regularly on social media

Crawford Bay Wetlands and Meadow Creek

The Crawford Bay Wetlands, is comprised of 62 hectares of birding delight. The Creston Valley Wildlife Area and the Kootenay Lake valley is also situated on a major flyway for migrating birds and other wildlife.

Meadow Creek, north of Kaslo, has a mesmerizing sanctuary of wildlife pretty much any time of year. In the fall, with the salmon spawning, a feeding frenzy occurs for some birds, as well as the bears. Bird watching is taken to a whole new level when travelling in this part of the region.

Canada and USA Birding Tour

International Selkirk Loop hosts the Two Nation Birding Vacations website that give you touring details through Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.

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