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Dining w/ Chad Hansen

Busy patio at Broken Hill Restaurant

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Broken Hill restaurateur, Chad Hansen, shares how himself and his partners built the brick heritage building up from ashes… literally. Nelson is renowned for its incredible culinary diversity with more restaurants and cafes per capita than Toronto, Manhattan or San Francisco. Many restaurants in the Kootenay Lake region are committed to local farm to table cuisine and seasonal ingredients. When dining here, visitors can expect a flavour filled journey, any time of year.

Artisans w/ Helene Carter & Luke Lewis

Luke Lewis crafting a beautiful wooden broom.

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Local artisan, Helene Carter, guides us through her artistic process in the studio that she runs called Fireworks Copper and Enamel, located in the Forge & Furnace Gallery building on the East Shore. She creates singular glass “paintings”, by fusing glass powders onto pure copper sheets. An example of the one-of-a-kind gifts and treasures that you can expect to find when visiting Kootenay Lake. Experienced broom-maker, Luke Lewis from North Woven Broom, showcases his craft by demonstrating how he creates his stunning brooms. They are beautiful and functional, like almost everything sold in Crawford Bay. When you come to Kootenay Lake to shop, expect the unexpected.

Wellness w/ Swami Lalitananda

Outside of yashodhara ashram

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President of Yasodhara Ashram, Swami Lalitananda, has been a swami since 1996 and a long-time student of yoga. She reveals the significance of the retreats offered by the ashram and the Temple of Light, a bright, magnificent eight-sided dome looking out to Kootenay Lake. It is the centre of Canada’s first ashram and the only building of its kind in the world. The communities around Kootenay Lake are becoming world renowned as a place for deep healing and wellness. You’ll find exactly what you need here to nourish both body and soul.

Lake Activities w/ Andrea Howland

Person paddling on Kootenay Lake

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Nelson Paddling Club head coach, Andrea Howland, takes us through the abundance of paddling opportunities around the region. Kootenay Lake is a paddler’s dream, it’s pristine and inviting. The lake is over 100 kilometres long with 3 distinct arms, making it one of the largest lakes in British Columbia, and one of the most spectacular. The water is glacier fed and crystal clear with towering mountains and old growth forests along the shoreline, along with dozens of white sand beaches. Nineteen-year-old sprint paddler, Zoey Taylor fills us in on even more lake activities outside of the realm of paddling. Come on out and explore Kootenay Lake, where finding adventure is a breeze.

Hiking w/ Peter Oostlander

hiking through lush forest over a creek.

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We join group leader, Peter Oostlander, in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park where he is briefing five hikers on their day trip to Grays Peak, one of the highest in the park. Kootenay Lake offers hiking for all abilities. Local fire chief, Dan Derby, delves into the social aspect of hiking and how it allows him to ground himself. Kootenay Lake is a place like no other where you can summit mountains and still make it home in time for dinner. Our hiking trails are nothing short of spectacular, so come on out and take a walk on the wild side.

Cultural Tourism w/ Kepler Zuk

Sunrise over the SS Moyie

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Tour coordinator of the SS Moyie in Kaslo, Kepler Zuk, transports us to a different era. An era before roads and railway lines along Kootenay Lake. He takes us through 123 years of history by highlighting the magnificence of the oldest intact paddle-wheeler of its kind anywhere in the world. Retired engineer and restoration coordinator for the SS Moyie, Kit Ashenhurst, expresses why this National Historical site is so special. Learn about other heritage and historic sites across the region. We love our unique and sometimes contentious history, and we know you will too.

Birding w/ Gaelen Schnare

Majestic looking bald eagle.

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Fifteen-year-old birder, wildlife photographer and outdoor enthusiast, Gaelen Schnare, has us lurking through high grasses on the shores of Kootenay Lake in search of local birds. He divulges how he became interested in this wonderful hobby at the mere age of six. Around Kootenay Lake, you can find more than two hundred different bird species which can be attributed to the variety of habitats located in fourteen provincial parks across major mountain ranges and a multitude of wetlands. What you don’t see that often, is other people in one of Kootenay Lake’s most underrated past times. So, pack a field guide, grab your binoculars and head out into nature.

Craft Beer w/ Mike Kelly & Brent Malysh

The outside of Backroads Brewing Company.

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Local brewmaster, Mike Kelly, runs us through the operations of his quaint brewpub, Backroads Brewing Company, where almost half a million cans and pints are produced each year. Although that may sound like a lot, Backroads falls under the category of microbrewery, which Mike is more than happy with as it allows him the freedom of experimenting with fun and new flavours. We also delve into ‘beer tourism’ with Brent Malysh and how the concept of beer is much more vast than simply being liquid in a glass. Join us for a pint in Nelson and Kootenay Lake.

Disc Golf w/ Iraleigh Anderson

Man playing disc golf at the ymir course.

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We join disc golf fanatic, director of the Nelson Disc Golf Society and architect of the Highwater Disc Golf Course in Blewitt, Iraleigh Anderson. He reveals the benefits of taking part in one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Kootenay courses are all on beautifully undulating landscapes with lush fields, stands of cedar and spruce, and have the odd water feature. It’s free, all you need is a disc. Another dedicated disc golfer, Tom Weager, shares how the sport is a great way to witness the changing of seasons, connect with nature, spot wildlife and watch the magnificent wildflowers. It’s the most social of sports so come on out and throw around.

Mountain Biking w/ Travis Hauck

Person mountain biking through a lush forest in Kootenay Lake.

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City of Nelson’s Sport Ambassador of 2022 and professional mountain biker, Travis Hauck, will take us on a journey through the mountain trails of Kootenay Lake. He shares what it’s like to traverse through rich old growth forests with lush undergrowth, over handmade wooden bridges and over crystal clear creeks. With over 300 trails that cater to every level, Kootenay Lake is renowned for its riding and riders. In fact, Travis reveals how he has witnessed riders on the toughest of terrain ranging from four-years-old to ninety-four-years-old. Come on out and enjoy the ride.

Hear & There Podcast is produced by Bob Keating.

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