Vegan Dining Experience in the Nelson and Kootenay Lake Region

Vegan Dining Experience in the Nelson and Kootenay Lake Region

The Nelson and Kootenay Lake region is renowned for its stunning natural attractions and eclectic communities but did you know about its progressive vegan culinary scene?


In Nelson, you will find no shortage of vegan options with almost every restaurant having a thoughtfully curated plant-based alternative. In fact, the variety could be the biggest problem you face. With so much to choose from, where to start?
Enjoy your morning caffeine fix at Dominion Cafe and select one of their delicious house-made dairy-free milks. While you’re there, check out the assortment of raw treats that pack a mighty health punch.
Next up, Sprout is an entirely vegan restaurant that prides themselves on providing “food for every body.” Try their ginger beef wrap and experience an explosion of both taste and texture for your palate.
How Shang Shway Tea House is a humble eatery providing wholesome, authentic vegan Taiwanese food. Their affordable menu creates an immersive culinary journey that fuses local produce and exotic ingredients with traditional flavours.
Hidden in an alley, away from the hustle and bustle of Baker Street, you will find Red Light Ramen Bar. A combination of art and cuisine, their butternut miso tofu ramen (minus the egg, of course) is beautifully presented and every bite will provide you with a blast of cultural fusion. If you’re dining with company, then sharing the tantalising buckwheat soba noodle salad and a plate of nourishing squash gyoza is essential.

A new one-of-a-kind restaurant in Nelson, The Black Cauldron, offers contemporary charcuterie along with bewitching beverages. Treat yourself to their vegan mezze board featuring their unique and flavourful vegan pate. You will want to save room for dessert as their menu also includes a delectable plant-based option.


If you find yourself in the charming, old-world town of Kaslo, Sunnyside Naturals should be your first stop. Grab a juice, smoothie or take a peak in the fridge and you will find a modest selection of nutrient-dense salads, tasty wraps and decadent vegan treats.
Bluebelle Bistro is a worthwhile visit for anyone who is looking for a vegan feed that will not disappoint. This delightful nook uses the freshest seasonal ingredients to adorn your tastebuds with rich flavours. 


Forgot to pack lunch for the Kootenay ferry ride? Don’t fret, the Dock ’N’ Duck has got you covered. Relax on the patio and sink your teeth into their vegan burger while admiring the picturesque landscapes.

Crawford Bay

Located conveniently in the heart of Crawford Bay, The Hub Pub and Eatery offers a casual dining experience combined with modern pub-style dishes. They have a range of bold menu items that can be customized to be herbivore-friendly.
Whether you’ve been dedicated to veganism long-term, a plant-based newbie or simply looking for a healthier alternative - the Nelson and Kootenay Lake region will provide you with a gastronomical experience you won’t forget. Come find awesome! #findingawesome

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