Best Second Hand Stores Around Kootenay Lake

Best Second Hand Stores Around Kootenay Lake

We have an amazing Thrift Store-y for you! Nelson, Kaslo and Crawford Bay are hot spots for thrifting, and with a renewed focus on sustainable living, there’s even more people cleaning out their closets and decluttering their homes. In our region, you will find an abundance of pre-loved books, antiques, clothing, furniture, household items and more.


Front Street Antiques, located in Kaslo, is an outstanding second-hand store that exhibits an array of fascinating items that inspire both nostalgia and curiosity. Take a stroll through their quirky curiosity store and see what gem you can unearth.

You won’t want to miss out on visiting a store that is Hollywood famous. Although it wasn’t an antique store back then, this location was used in the filming of the blockbuster ‘Roxanne’, featuring Steve Martin. Although you can’t ask the store for an autograph, the Kootenay Exchange has a lot to offer as an antique store with a large assortment of quirky treasures.

Jacobson Native Art, located on the East Shore in Crawford Bay, is a beautiful gallery where you can browse exquisite native art alongside an array of vintage pieces. Take a moment to check out the second level of the building where you can find even more thrifty items.


Plants and second-hand clothing - need I say more? Take the Balfour ferry over to the East Shore and visit Floriferous Gardens. This beautiful shop, located in Crawford Bay, will delight you with pre-loved clothing, new and used art, and fresh cut flowers from its small farm.

Moon Monster is located in a ‘secret cave’ on Baker Street. Once you descend the stairs you will be greeted by a distinctive selection of vintage clothing, jewellery, trinkets and more. This uncanny thrift store is the ideal place to find those one-of-a-kind items. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask about the tale of the moon monster - it’s an interesting one.

Nelson’s newest second-hand store, Horse & Snake Vintage, is a haven of vintage clothing and the shop is cute to boot. Here you will find a carefully curated selection of stand out pieces that have stood the test of time, and sustainably cleaned, proving themselves to be memorable staples in any wardrobe. The staff are welcoming and attentive, always ready to find you that particular item or offer a helping hand with styling.


Visiting a bookstore, especially a second-hand bookstore, is a great way to spend some quality time. If you're a book lover you'll get lost in the sea of titles. Located in the historic downtown, the Kaslo bookstore and Eurythmy studio is a charming spot for bookworms to get lost whilst scouring the shelves for their next read. As well as accepting donations from the community, the staff go out of their way to find what you're looking for. You might be surprised by what you find tucked away here.

On Kootenay Street in Nelson you can find Packrat Annie's, an eclectic second-hand bookstore that offers a unique selection of used books - and music too. What makes this place extra special is that it’s located inside The Vienna Cafe. Why not sit down at a table with your newly adopted books, or vinyl, and order yourself some brunch?

A short stroll down Baker Street you’ll find Booksmyth Quality Used Books in the old Nelson Trading Company Building. Take a minute to stop and browse their great selection, while getting a fresh trim from the new Fish and Whistle Barber Shop located in their front window. A definite shop stopper. 


Many of the second-hand stores in Nelson and Kootenay Lake aid local efforts by donating to charitable causes. S.H.A.R.E Nelson is a non-profit thrift store that supports humanity and responsible ecology. They sell everything from clothing to furniture to books to household items and more. It’s also the perfect spot to find items for upcycling or your latest DIY projects.

Another charitable organization that houses a selection of pre-loved clothing is IODE. This name comes from the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire founded in 1900 recognizing the need for loyal support for Canadians departing to fight with the Empire forces in South Africa. A very noble cause, still supporting the community today. This thrift store, located on Baker Street, has a vast collection of funky clothing and miscellaneous items, as well as a free rail. You are guaranteed to find some hidden wonders in this store that has been part of Nelson’s downtown since 1946. At the corner of Hall Street is the IODE park where you can sit, enjoy some people watching and views of Kootenay Lake. 

Supporting local causes in Kaslo, the VHKAS Thrift Store is a great volunteer-run second-hand store. Although small (located in the very quaint old Kaslo Fire Dept building), it sure is mighty. You will find that their selection of pieces are of great quality and inexpensive, by donation only. It’s definitely worth stopping by here when you’re in the area, or go to their Fashion Show coming up on Saturday February 4th. 

Did someone say I need a dollar? Well Nelson’s Positive Apparel has a $1 room where you can swim through a sea of clothing and spice up your wardrobe on a budget. Here you will also find home furnishings, appliances, books and more. This thrift shop has two storefronts, so don’t forget to visit the store next door to view more of their ever-expanding inventory of clothing.


Shop directly from Nelson’s own wardrobes at one of the city’s consignment stores, such as Silver Lining Consignment, on the corner of Ward and Baker. Here you’ll find a wide range of clothes, as well as excellent used shoes, and to up the game even more, they have the sale section from next door’s Shoes from the Soul.

A little further up Ward Street, you’d be forgiven for thinking Strutters Boutique sold new clothes! Strutters hand picks their (very gently) used items to curate a collection of special and affordable clothes and shoes, changing daily so you don’t have to dig too deep.

If you’re shopping with the family, Play It Again Kids offers pre-loved children’s clothes, maternity equipment and more. All carefully checked and cleaned, you’ll find all the gently used clothes you may need for a newborn to children’s size 14 - as well as that secondhand stroller if you’re lucky.

Whether you enjoy finding one-of-a-kind clothing, love vintage couches or you’re simply looking to support a good cause, there’s a thrift store for you in the Nelson and Kootenay Lake region. I hope you enjoyed our thrift store-y.

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