Annual Burger Week (or Month!) in Nelson

Annual Burger Week (or Month!) in Nelson

“Burger Week” is actually “Burger Month” in Nelson BC if you talk to the chefs. The annual event has expanded from one week to the whole of November, and brings incredible new burgers to a variety of restaurants and eateries.

Each featured burger is available at every restaurant for the same, affordable price, allowing more people to explore the creations. The price for a burger is just $15, and 31 restaurants are set to participate in 2020.

Chefs tell us that both locals and visitors often arrive in groups, order one or two burgers, share them, and then head off to more restaurants to partake in this burger bliss. It’s a great way to walk about town, take in the heritage and culture, and explore the dining scene.

How do restaurants come up with the burger they offer up? The time leading up to November involves a lot of arduous burger testing and sampling by each restaurant's chef and staff, until the perfect combination of patty, condiments and bun are created. The creations are solely within the control of each restaurant.

Given the popularity of the event, by the end of the month some restaurants may have served over 1000 of their speciality burgers.

Restaurant goers are tasked with voting (via the Nelson Star website) for their three favourite burgers in three different categories: Best Presentation, Best Tasting, Most Original. The three winning burgers will be announced in the Nelson Star newspaper.

No matter which way you slice it, you’ll have a delicious dining experience during Nelson Burger Week.

Big thanks to the Nelson Star for organizing this contest, and of course to all the chefs and restaurants who commit to making amazing burgers!

Trying to find a particular restaurant to savour its burger? Our restaurants page has all the details.

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