Heron's Landing

Heron's Landing

Rotary Lakeside Park, Nelson, BC

Artist: Jock Hildebrand (Kelowna, BC) Year: 2008.

Herons Landing is obvious in its subject. The great blue heron, Ardea Herodias, an indigenous species to Nelson, can be frequently seen in the area. The 'referential sculpture' as I call it has been allowed a large degree of stylization in keeping with the essence of blue herons as seen through my eyes. I deliberately set out to emphasize and exaggerate the inherent grace of form existing in the species. The bronze and stainless steel sculpture attempts to celebrate not only the blue heron, but landmarks its environs. The sculpture is in fact totemic in aspect, quite formal and static. This is reflected in the 4 bronze balls which should indicate the four cardinal points. The stainless steel portion is to separate the sky from the earth and will reflect the sky and its current conditions. It attempts to lift the heron into the sky from its earth bound plinth. The sculpture is a reminder of the bird and its species, intending to remind the viewer of where they are, and the necessity to cherish the heron and the environment in which it can be found.

Lakeside Park, Nelson, BC

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