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A Sailors Paradise - Just You, the Sky, Mountains and the Water

Kootenay Lake, one of the largest lakes in British Columbia, is a perfect spot for you to try out sailing. Getting out on the lake, you’ll witness blue heron, otters, beavers and other wildlife as you paddle or sail along the more than 120 kilometres of lake. The unspoiled nature of Kootenay Lake creates a very special backdrop to our backyard.

The local sailing association holds the annual sailing regatta each May, and offers friendly support to people learning to sail as well as holding races and other events for sailors.

Kayaking, SUP and canoeing enthusiasts love Kootenay Lake and our surrounding rivers. The calm moments of early morning and evening, you’ll see enthusiasts paddling along the lake. In fact, all year long, people take their time paddling along the long, unspoiled lake.

Marinas on Kootenay Lake

A number of marinas are located along the lake offering boat rentals, boat repair and moorage. Nelson, Balfour, Woodbury and Kaslo all have marinas and facilities of various sizes.

Friends of Kootenay Lake is a wonderful organization helping to keep Kootenay Lake as pristine as it always has been. Check out their website for lots of great information about Kootenay Lake.



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