Finding Awesome

The Four Ways to Awesome

We are excited to invite you to the Nelson & Kootenay Lake region - welcome back! No matter where you’re coming from, or how you got here, we hope your journey was as smooth as possible. While we’re over-the-moon to be opening our doors again, we have to do it right. And we need your help. That’s why we’re introducing the Four Ways to Awesome, our not-so-serious step-by-step guidebook to great times and good vibes.

To ensure this region’s epic factor meshes with your visit and creates a thing of beauty, we’d love it if you read on and take some of our ideas to heart. Consider each Way to Awesome as you move through your trip - before, during and after - and we guarantee things will be good. Like, really, really good. 

Four Ways to Awesome in a Nutshell

Now that you’re Finding Awesome, know that through this pandemic we’ve been working hard at Keeping Awesome, so that while you’re here we can all have a blast Being Awesome, ensuring that you, us, him, her, them, and this magical place is forever Staying Awesome.

Way #1 - Finding Awesome

Let’s start with the big chunk of awesome that we have been aligning with for over a few years: finding awesome! With spectacular nature, deep culture and endless adventure, #FindingAwesome in the Nelson & Kootenay Lake region comes as natural as breathing in crisp mountain air.       

  • WELCOME: This is our home. We’re very proud of it, and we’re excited to share it as you travel around and appreciate what we have to offer - we love it too.
  • CULTURE: This place is blessed with incredible diversity in art, music, food, drink, people, business and experiences. Dive in. Live it. Breathe it. Be a part of it.
  • ADVENTURE: From expansive mountain wilderness to BC’s third largest lake, bustling music festivals to hidden art galleries, there’s new adventures waiting just for you.

Way #2 - Still Awesome

We’d like to give you a little beta on what we’ve been up to during the pandemic. We bubbled up, rallied, got outside, and came together as a community. Whether it’s shopping locally, innovative local business ideas, or finding awesome within our own towns and cities, we made the most of it and hope we’re coming out the other side a little stronger. 


  • RESILIENT: We’re hunkering down and making our way through the challenges presented to us with dignity and integrity.
  • CREATIVE: We’re surrounded by intense natural beauty, and that inspires us every day to think outside the box and do things a little differently.
  • COMMUNITY: It takes a village, or in our case, a few villages, to move forward positively through the world today. And we honour that.

Way #3 - Be Awesome

So now that you’re here, let’s be sweet, cool, kind, rad, tolerant and, of course, awesome—and let’s do it together. It’s what this place is all about. We know the last 18 months have been stressful, but here we are: you on vacation and us opening to the world again. So let’s make sure it’s a beauty, with mutual respect flowing like our craft beer or locally made kombucha.  


  • RESPECT: Let’s treat each other like we were long lost friends - gracious, charming, understanding and full of friendliness.
  • BEAUTIFUL: We are all in a very special place. And extraordinarily lucky to be here. Let’s take care of it, even leave it better than when we found it.
  • CURIOUSITY: We invite you to find out more about the region, its history, and its people. We promise to return the favour.

Way #4 - Stay Awesome

Put all these steps together and guess what? Everything gets to Stay Awesome. You leave feeling awesome; we say goodbye overflowing with awesome; the land looks wildly beautiful, and, well, we can’t wait to have you back.


  • APPRECIATE: We thank you for visiting us, because we are still awesome, and for being so awesome. We can’t wait to have you back. 
  • UNIQUE: We hope you felt a part of the quirky, quaint, sophisticated vibe of Nelson and Kootenay Lake.
  • STORIES: We hope you left with your fair share of tall tales. 


Explore the region

Things to see and do is pretty much endless. There are spas and shops of all sorts, beautifully preserved heritage buildings, art galleries, golf courses and resorts, hiking, biking, paddling, and...see, endless. We have put together some trip ideas, and lots of stories to inspire your travels.

Arts, Culture, & Heritage

The famous "Kootenay vibe" runs through the arts, heritage and people of our region. With more heritage buildings per capita than anywhere else in British Columbia, Nelson’s and Kaslo's culture can be seen in our historic and gorgeously-restored homes, shops and buildings. 

Shop & Dine

Shopping in the area takes the notion of “shop local” to a whole new level with artisans and boutique shops. Our cafes and restaurants are among BC’s best, with award-winning chefs, top of the line wine lists, locally roasted coffee, and a full spectrum of local beers (four micro-breweries). We have a culinary nightlife scene as diverse as they come, from charmingly mild to outright wild. We can honestly say we have more restaurants per capital than Vancouver, New York or San Francisco!


From historic downtown Nelson hotels and inns to private beachfront campgrounds and resorts, you’ll find accommodations for every taste and budget.

Look around our website to find out more on Places to Stay.

The Region

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