Top 14 Healthy Things in Nelson Kootenay Lake This Summer

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Top 14 Healthy Things in Nelson Kootenay Lake This Summer

We're in High Summer — Hot August Days, Long Warm Nights

The beautiful hot summer days are upon us. The beautiful hot summer days are upon us.


And so much to do! If you are looking for healthy things in Nelson, you don't need to look far: Shambhala this week, Hot August Nights next week. Fat Tire Festival coming soon after, followed by Sufferfest and then the Kootenay Spirit Festival. So we thought we'd take a moment and give you a list of some top healthy things to do in Nelson and the Kootenay Lake region this summer. Healthy Things in Nelson and Kootenay Lake — Late Summer Festivals:

  • Shambhala — This year, the early entry for Shambhala begins August 6th and the festival runs until August 11th. Shambhala is bursting out this year, having sold out and then somehow found space for 1,000 more souls to attend, bringing the number of people coming to this electronic music experience to around 11,000 (so there are still tickets online!). Wow.
  • Columbia Basin Culture Tour — The Columbia Basin Culture Tour is a perfect way to see our area, visit and get to know some working artists and artisans, and enjoy a drive in the countryside.
  • Fat Tire Festival — The 19th annual festival celebrating the sport and fun of bikes, this festival has stuff to do for all ages and abilities. If you have the time and inclination, make your way to Nelson for this one. Parades, wheelie contests, a chance to show off your bike, and so much more is waiting for you!
  • Kaslo Sufferfest — The name says it all! Just kidding...There's actually something for everyone at the Sufferfest, as long as you want to be outdoors enjoying the natural splendour we call "home". You can, of course, attempt the 50 km trail run, but there is a 10 km race as well as a 5 km "fun run" — among other events! This is more about getting outside and feeling alive and well. For kids 13 and under, there's also a 2.5 km race just for them. Experience true "suffering" :) Kootenay-style.
  • Kootenay Spirit Festival — A celebration of yoga, meditation, dance and music, this first-annual festival is the perfect chance to experience Nelson community at its spiritual best. Come raise your spirit and experience mindful-living, love of nature and engaged community with us.

Whitewater Rafting

Baker Street

  • Baker Street — The fact that we live in an eminently walkable city, with a highly admired downtown, is truly a "thing-to-do”. We've highlighted our main street before, and for good reason. Baker Street is a great place to walk along, visit the Wednesday Farmers Market, meet friends, shop, visit artisans, and eat delicious food in local cafes and restaurants.

Lakeside Park

  • Lakeside Park — We've highlighted the parks in our area before, but perhaps the best-known is Lakeside Park. Lakeside Park offers streetcar rides, a cafe serving local and organic foods, a sandy beach, picnic areas, playground, and lovely views.

Touchstones Museum

  • Touchstones Museum — The success of Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History is an amazing testimonial to the power of a committed group of volunteers. The museum highlights the history of the area, as well as showcasing artists from around the province and around the world. There is also a wonderful museum shop, with local artist and artisan crafts available for sale.

Outdoor Fun:

  • Granite Pointe Golf — The local golf club has 18 holes just waiting for you to walk the course. Incredible
    Beautiful golfing at Granite Pointe with views that are hard to beat! Beautiful golfing at Granite Pointe with views that are hard to beat!


    views of our lake and the Big Orange Bridge.
  • Footsteps Eco Adventures — Private day tours of the area. Whether it's hiking, biking or even a bachelor-party skatepark tour, these guys know their stuff and love to share!
  • Nelson Streetcar — We've mentioned the streetcar before. It's a wonderful example of what a small dedicated group of volunteers can do to create a memorable and genuine experience in a community. The streetcar is a wonderful way to enjoy our city, and sit down for a few minutes :) (Hard to do sometimes in a city as active as Nelson!)
  • Gerick Cycle and Sport — Awesome to think that a local bike shop is listed on TripAdvisor as one of the top things to do in Nelson. A reviewer notes, though, that as soon as he arrived in Nelson, he headed to the local bike shop to suss out which trails to ride. He said he immediately felt welcome, and "a part of the gang." What a great testament to that healthy community vibe we all love here.

Whether you're ready to hike and bike, or visit our local shops and museums, or party it up at one of our festivals, we're so looking forward to seeing you this summer in Nelson Kootenay Lake. Take your pick of things to do, but do come and visit us soon!        



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