There is definitely more than one place to walk your dog

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There is definitely more than one place to walk your dog

Nelson BC Dogs There was a misrepresented article about Nelson BC written in the National Post this past week that has some Nelsonites stepping up and speaking very loudly about their charming, safe, diverse, welcoming community. In response to the article, and from my experience as a resident, Nelson is a place where people let their kids walk to school, ride their bikes to the soccer pitch and generally feel safe and secure. People that live here and visit experience genuine warmth from the community and Nelson is second to none with people who lead and live a welcoming, healthy and active lifestyle. We have a spectacular  ski hill - Whitewater Ski Resort, cross country skiing out our back doors or the groomed trails, amazing mountain and road cycling, fishing, hiking; and one of the most thriving arts and culture environments anywhere for a town this size. The list of vibrant and unique things to do goes on and on. And I mustn’t forget to mention our diversity and acceptance of differences, and the color and energy it creates in our community! Yes, there is the odd disgruntled person unsatisfied with the less than perfect bylaws, but trust me I can take my dog more places than I can’t. In fact, there is only one, just one place of the thousands that my dog is currently prohibited. I can take my dog mountain biking along the rails to trails, I can go on a dog walk along our waterfront, and I can cruise the neighborhoods with my dogs, and many of these places are off-leash. There is an endless number of much more redeeming areas for my dogs than Baker Street. And though the bylaw is not perfect, and city council I hope revisits the bylaw very soon, its flaws do not outweigh the spectacular positives one can experience in Nelson as a visitor, resident or dog owner. The latest action I’ve seen supporting Nelson is ‘Keep Nelson Weird’ facebook page – love it! This phrase is not new to our ears, and other communities (e.g. Austin, Texas) are already supportive of this slogan. Perhaps Nelson will consider it for its slogan. What is the cities current slogan? I’ll leave you with this beautiful song to dance or sing along to, Michael Franti - Come to Nelson with or without your dog and you will be truly blown away, as the vast majority of visitors will attest to for all of the redeeming qualities that genuinely make Nelson and Baker Street a top quality destination!



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