Mary-Jo Fetterly personally welcomes Kootenay Spirit Festival!

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Mary-Jo Fetterly personally welcomes Kootenay Spirit Festival!

Kootenay Spirit Festival - Nelson September 12-14th 2014

Mary-Jo Fetterly basketballI had been invited to teach at the Kootenay Spirit Festival in Nelson many many months ago when they were just formulating the concept of the idea.  I felt immediately an affirmative yes and was heartened by the idea that there would be a coming together and celebration of all of the various talents and expressions of the rich spiritual and cultural community of my hometown Nelson, BC.  On so many levels this means so much to me, as well I think, to the community.

Mary-Jo Fetterly and Nelson

For me personally I always feel a welling up inside when I think of Nelson, my time there, the land that I worked, the people, my friends, the trees, the water, the valleys and peaks and the characteristic jewel of a little city that Nelson is.  Nelson is one of those kind of places that you never forget. In fact that happened to me, a fortuitous time on my 18th birthday that I traveled there to attend an outdoor Tai Chi camp - the only place in Canada at the time that offered an outdoor Tai Chi camp, hosted by then Rex Eastman. This was a turning point, as from that point forward I knew I would have to come back to this pristine valley and make it my home.  The physical, cultural and spiritual expressiveness even back then, was a rare find - especially in a small interior town. Mary-Jo Fetterly with dogI did return with my two small young children and live a bountiful and idyllic life on my small acreage in Proctor. The things that made Nelson what it is for me and my daughters is the community, the people and all the various expressions how they appreciate living in accordance with nature and with their neighbours. As a yoga teacher I was incredibly supported opening the first yoga studio in Nelson and Nelson has had many firsts in this regard.

The Kootenay Spirit Festival

The upcoming event "The Kootenay Spirit Festival" is one such example. These types of events are vital and valuable to the community as well as to all of the people who benefit from coming. I am so excited and elated to be coming out there to teach at this event. Not only is it a bit of a homecoming for me where I get to come back to Nelson, but it is also a milestone for Nelson as another first - in a long line of beautiful examples of what a community can be. Mary-Jo Fetterly with horseSince my injury 10 years ago I have been teaching in and around Vancouver initially as my old "teacher" self and slowly but surely I have become very compelled and moved by what yoga can do for all people in every different physical capacity. In addition I have continued to study with my teacher - the Art and Science of Tantra, the heart and soul of yoga. I'm excited to be coming and offering the latest of what I've been doing. I feel again fully supported by the Nelson Community, including the festival organizers and Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism.  Don't miss this great event!!! Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you at the Festival. Best, Mary-Jo Fetterly And there are no truer words than: "absence makes the heart grow fonder"



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