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Kaslo Adventure Centre

Adventure CentreKaslo, our gem on the banks of Kootenay Lake, offers more adventure than is good for you. The problem is how to find that adventure when part of the allure of Kaslo is its access to the backcountry?

Leave it to an organisational powerhouse like Daphne Hunter to solve this one. She’s in the process of opening the Kaslo Adventure Centre, located in a storefront in downtown Kaslo and ready to book your ideal Kaslo adventure.

Kaslo Kayaking has grown from the day Daphne and her husband Dean took over operations six years ago to the point where now the fleet includes kayaks, SUP boards, windsurf boards, and canoes. With a 5-star Trip Advisor rating, it’s hard (but they manage!) to keep up with demand.

Daphne wants to take that success and multiply is across the other adventure tourism companies in the area. The idea sounds synergistic. As she puts it, in one scenario, say someone phones to enquire about kayaking, but they’d also enjoy some fishing? Well, she could arrange a combo package where kayaks and a day of fishing are combined to create more than the sum of their parts. Picnic included.

Or perhaps someone inquires about enjoying a day in the sun? What about renting a boat, cruising along the lake for the day, going for a swim, and ending by watching the sunset? Fabulous.

The Adventure Centre provides a downtown, central location and storefront for local adventure businesses, but the businesses themselves to the actual booking. The Adventure Centre receives the guest, tailors an adventure package to suit, then hands off the actual booking to the individual suppliers.

There is trust involved. As Daphne is well aware, she’d be the face of these businesses. Her extensive background in marketing and the service industry have given her expert knowledge in the importance of trust.

To that end, with all her involvement in the Kaslo community including having been president of the Kaslo Chamber of Commerce, and involved in community events like May Days, Light Up Kaslo, and Pirate Day on the SS Moyie. It’s hard sometimes to know where Kaslo stops and Daphne begins.

And it’s from that space that the Kaslo Adventure Centre’s infectious energy springs. As she puts it, “Kaslo is one of the last remaining places in the world where you can see magic happen. People fall in love again in Kaslo. Couples come in just from Castlegar to spend the weekend here and reconnect with themselves.”

And, to that end, she wants to give them reasons to stay longer. Visitors will come with the idea that they’d like to experience the natural beauty of Kaslo, see the Adventure Centre, and once they see all that is offered, they’ll wish they had planned to stay even longer...and then they’ll come back again, and again.

At the end of the day, The Kaslo Adventure Centre offers more reasons to love Kaslo. There were great restaurants, great places to stay — and great adventures.

Call 250-353-1925 or email adventures@kaslokayalking..com or visit www.kaslokayaking.com 



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