Jorinda the Opera -- World Premiere in Nelson BC

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Jorinda the Opera -- World Premiere in Nelson BC

Last nights performance of Doug Jamieson's opera Jorinda was spectacular from beginning to end. It was a theatrical treat that demonstrated this communities talent, commitment and generousity to the vocal arts. The show involved over 80 volunteers, of all ages, including vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers, puppeteers, lighting, stage design, photography, design, and many other skills, that together captivated the audience.
The story builds and builds and at the climax, with the entire cast on stage it is a glorious moment, swimming in audio and visual pleasures.
Jorinda is based on a Grimms fairy tale where the wicked witch and her comic helper Grungella capture all the little girls and turn them into birds. We won't give away the rest of the storyline, but leave it for you to come see this complex, beautiful and entertaining opera.
The theatre had many children in attendance last night and in speaking with a few of them after the show they loved the witch and were dancing some of Grungella's fancy footwork as they left the theatre.
Show times are 7:30pm Friday and Saturday night and also 2pm on Saturday at the Capitol Theatre. It is an opera for all ages.
Jorinda was produced by the Amy Ferguson Institute along with the Nelson Community Opera.
Written by Dianna Ducs
"Thank you to the board for a lovely gathering and to the cast director and producers for a magnificent performance." Ramona Faust, RDCK representative



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