Gerick's Cycle & Ski Goes Above & Beyond

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Gerick's Cycle & Ski Goes Above & Beyond

We are in Nelson for the BC Hockey Provincials with the Victoria Ice Hawks Pee Wee A team. We are here for the week and have lots of time to explore and enjoy Nelson in between games. We have found many amazing coffee shops, restaurants and stores as well as interesting things to do and see. We have found people to be friendly, helpful and extremely accommodating. We thought we had enjoyed the very best of Nelson hospitality but our incredible experience today at Gerick Cycle today easily wins the top award for amazing customer service and ensuring an amazing destination experience. Three of our players wanted to go cross country skiing at Nordic in the early afternoon. We made our way to Gerick's and found a very helpful host in Ross McNamara. Ross outfitted us with gear and provided extremely helpful information on conditions, directions and what to expect when we got there. The most amazing moment though was when Ross solved our transportation problem in getting there by GIVING US HIS TRUCK FOR THE AFTERNOON!!!!! The generosity of spirit which Ross displayed demonstrates not only how deeply invested he is in the customer but also of the destination experience he wants Gerick's to contribute to for each and every customer. As someone who works in the convention/tourism sector, I can say that this experience was second to none and will become my story of choice to demonstrate the true "brand" of Nelson. Thank you Ross for a most incredible day! Jocelyn Jenkyns, Denese Alexander, Jacson, Chris and Tristan.



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