Beer o’clock: a tour of the Nelson Brewing Company

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Beer o’clock: a tour of the Nelson Brewing Company

Nelson Brewing Company TourIf you're a serious beer drinker, you'll want to consider a tour of the Nelson Brewing Company. Upon arrival Chad immediately starts pouring free samples. With a wide grin he says: “I get a much better review, when I get people drinking first.” Yearly, NBC brews about 750,000 liters of beer, which for the most part is consumed in Nelson, BC. Their most popular brew is Faceplant, a winter dark ale. My personal favorite is the Wild Honey, a light malty ale that was brewed to celebrate Whitewater’s 25th Anniversary. The original Nelson Brewing Company was founded in 1897 and fell on hard times in the 1960’s. A group of local businessmen reopened the brewery in 1992 in its original historical building on Latimer Street. The same building also houses another Nelson favorite, it is where the Oso Negro coffee is roasted. As all the NBC beer is organic it doesn’t contain any preservatives. According to Chad, you shouldn’t get a hangover, or at least maybe not as bad as usual so bottom’s up! Blogger: Julie Nieuwenhuys



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