Beer and History Tour: a pairing made in heaven, well, Nelson BC

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Beer and History Tour: a pairing made in heaven, well, Nelson BC

Paddy Whack Nelson Brewing Company (NBC) has quite the view, whether you are on the roof looking out over Nelson, BC or in the brewery admiring their long line of organic beers and stacks and stacks of beer getting processed, bottled, capped and ready to be shipped out. Since NBC’s inception in 1991, they have been dedicated to producing all natural, traditional, full-flavoured ales. The Nelson Brewing Company brings you Certified Organic, hand-crafted beers, and from someone who toured the brewery, and did the tasting, they are as they claim and better. The family of beers currently consists of eight beers:

Mike Kelly, the brew master, gave a detailed tour educating us on the history, the current brewing methods and future plans for the brewery. Mike was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his beer. You can understand very quickly why NBC has been such a success. Mike treated us to several beers and shared the intricacies and subtle, or not so subtle, flavours meticulously chosen to create their proud line of diverse locally brewed organic beers. I’d do this tour again, no question, but maybe in the afternoon next time (was a stimulating start to my day having the tour in the morning).

Nelson Brewing Company View

Nelson Brewing Company Sign

Nelson Brewing Company Paddy Whack




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