Aurora Borealis over Nelson

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Aurora Borealis over Nelson

Northern Lights Nelson, BCThanks for liking my photos. Taking pictures is just my hobby and I only have half-a-year experience in SLR camera taking. (I am not a professional photographer even though taking a photo of northern lights is kind of involved in my job.) But If someone can be happy with my pictures, I too am very happy to share with everyone. I am having a two month break now and driving a month all the way from Yukon to Northern BC, Okanagan, Kootenays and Rocky Mountains to explore more of Canada and to see my friends. Nelson is my Canadian hometown, such a beautiful and friendly community I have never found anywhere else. (I am from Japan, by the way.) I spent about four years in Nelson and was given so many things by the town and the people. I am so glad that I can give back something by taking a photo like this and show Nelsonites and tourists how beautiful this town is. (I knew that aurora activity was very strong with high chance of display even in this low latitude on the last weekend and I was luckily visiting Nelson for four days.) Anyways, thank you very much again for sharing my pictures and I hope to get back to Nelson soon. Warm regards, Kei Takayama 



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