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Nelson Kootenay Lake Area is Bike-Friendly. Cycle Around our Area and See!

Both mountain biking and road cycling are popular sports in Nelson Kootenay Lake, so it follows that cycling as transportation is a great idea here. And it is.

Cyclists will find ample bike parking when they are shopping downtown, many fellow cyclists (often with panniers and baskets for their shopping), and a general “bike- friendly” atmosphere here. You can rent bikes at GericksSacred Ride or Kootenay Cycling Adventures in Nelson. You may notice that some of the streets in Nelson are a bit hilly. Gericks offers electronic bike rentals, an intelligent way to travel around here, especially if you plan to see more of Nelson. For those keen to explore the region by bike on a self-supported tour, Kootenay Cycling Adventures offers high quality touring friendly bikes and gear (including panniers). 

Wide Clean Roads and a Bike Friendly Atmosphere

We have wide clean roads and drivers who are used to making room for cyclists, as well as very little traffic on our roads. Many of our hotels, B&Bs and hostels are bike friendly, and you’ll find that there are enough services for cyclists, so you’ll never feel stranded. All buses in our area are bike friendly. For a detailed description on how to take your bike on a bus, please see the official BC Transit website

Active Cycling Community

The Nelson and Kootenay Lake area is an active community that values cycling. We have the Nelson Cycling Club which supports and helps to organize the major mountain bike trails in the area as well as the bike park in the Rosemont neighbourhood. If you choose to cycle around Nelson and Kootenay Lake, you’ll notice you are not alone. Cycling downtown, as well as along the highways and through our neighbourhoods is encouraged and welcome. We hope you and your bike enjoy your stay with us.



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