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Sustainable Travel

Ecotourism and Environmental Stewardship in Nelson BC and Kootenay Lake

Prestige HotelMake Your Next Vacation an Environmentally Friendly One

If you’re hoping to make your next vacation a green one, Nelson BC and the Kootenay Lake region is the place to be. Ecotourism, Environmental Stewardship, and sustainable travel are all terms we hear a lot in our region, and for good reason: It matters to us, a lot

Green Hotels and Sustainable Lodging

If you’d like to stay in a certified green hotel, Nelson has two hotels with the coveted “GreenKey” rating. Both the Prestige Lakeside Resort  and the Best Western Baker Street Inn have attained a “3-Key” rating. If sustainable practices are important but certification is not required, you’ll find Nelson, Kaslo and the Kootenay Lake area have a large number of hotels, bed and breakfasts and inns that adhere to a high standard of ecotourism.

Eating Locally and Drinking Sustainably

Eating locally is a priority for our community as well. Our local supermarket, the Kootenay Co-op, is the largest and most successful independent natural food coop in Canada. Recent changes to the definition of “local” food inspired them to create a “true local” campaign, so you can be sure that the food you buy will be really, truly local to the Nelson Kootenay Lake area. Beyond the co-op, Nelson has many more local and organic dining and food choices. We’re home to the first certified organic brewery in British Columbia, too.

Backcountry Ecotourism

If you’re interested in our backcountry, there are lots of options available for you. Backcountry Skiing Canada  lists many lodges, those that are part of the Alpine Club of Canada as well as private lodges. And for eco-tours, ROAM, "Rivers, Oceans, and Mountains" is an ecotour operator based in Nelson but which offers tours all around the world. It just so happens that they include many tours in their own backyard, which is awesome. For a series of articles on the different tours operated by ROAM, including a few from our region, take a look at the reviews on their website. Whether you’d like to go rafting, touring, kayaking or hiking, there are lots of opportunities to try different adventures while you stay in Nelson and the Kootenay Lake area. Each tour operator takes a slightly different angle with regards to stewardship. Lardeau River Adventures, for example, takes care to create all their lunches from food grown organically in their own garden.

Kootenay Lake Stewardship

Taking care of our own Kootenay Lake is important to many of the people who live here. Friends of Kootenay Lake is a stewardship organization set up to not only protect the fish and wildlife of the lake, but also promote sustainable tourism and business around the lake. Their website includes a number of events and activities surrounding the lake. Make sure to take a look and see what’s going on during your stay with us.



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