"Visitors to Nelson are entranced by a modern-day hippie sanctuary: different cultures and creeds are welcome, and an appreciation of rolling hills and calming waterfalls is expected."
Macleans Magazine

Fishing around Nelson & Kootenay Lake

Measuring 104km in length and up to 5km wide, Kootenay Lake is one of the largest lakes in British Columbia. It’s also a haven for angling with seven species of fish in the lake.

The iconic Gerrard Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Burbot, and White Sturgeon all reside within the lake, along with the Kokanee Salmon and Largemouth Bass. Fisherman have been visiting the area for years with the hopes of catching a big one.

Travellers can organise their own adventure or join a fish and stay package with one of three Nelson Kootenay Lake charter or fishing guides; Reel Adventures Fishing Charters, Kootenay Angler and Kootenay Kingfisher.

Fishing Licenses

Visitors planning a fishing trip will need to buy a license before baiting their hooks. Different licenses apply for saltwater and freshwater fishing, but both can be purchased at sporting stores and fishing retailers. A separate license is also required to fish in national parks which can be purchased at park headquarters at each park site.

Click here for up to date licensing information.

Winter Fishing

With impressive fishing all year round in Nelson Kootenay Lake, there’s no need to hang out for the warmer months to catch a big one. Anglers can come and try their luck on Kootenay Lake or join a fishing charter to try and catch a trophy fish.The Kootenays are home to the world famous Gerrard Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout, which can grow to over 30 lbs. Many weighing over 20 lbs are caught each year.

Several fishing operators operate charter boats on the lake year round, complete with cuddy cabins, washroom facilities and even barbecues. Kootenay Kingfisher also has heated boats in the winter to keep you toasty and warm. Line up a winter fishing trip of your own, or contact Reel Adventures Fishing Charters and Kootenay Angler to arrange a trip of a lifetime.

Reel Adventures Sportfishing
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Year Round fishing ! With over 20 years experience, we offer guided fishing trips or sight seeing tours on World Class Kootenay Lake. As well as flyfishing trips on local rivers and lakes. Giant Gerrard Rainbow Trout up to 30 Lbs, and Huge Bull Trout up to 29 Lbs have been caught in our waters. Definitely worth the trip !! Read more...