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Kalein is a word that means “calling in the beautiful”. Inspired through personal experiences a group of dedicated volunteers have created a not-for-profit society to advance societies approach to living fully at all stages of life, including end-of-life. To ensure that we infuse end-of-life with the same beauty and connectedness that is present in other stages of life.

Kalein is dedicated to growing a campus where end-of-life care services are fully integrated with a Centre of Dialogue and Education. Through its model of care integrated with inquiry, Kalein’s mission is to:

  • Explore and expand the ability of our culture to more consciously accept death as a natural part of living fully at all stages of life, and
  • To use this deeper understanding in the development and evolution of improved end-of-life community care environments, approaches and protocols.

Kalein has a vision of providing transformational leadership and innovative programming and services that:

  • explore our ability to live more fully at all stages of life, including end-of-life
  • expand our cultural acceptance of death as a natural part of life
  • engage in collective partnerships to
  • evolve new models of compassionate care to support the needs of a rapidly aging population


The Centre has a series of Death Cafes that provide people with an opportunity to share their experiences around the death of a friend, family member, pet and other end of life challenges. It is a chance for people to tell their story and be heard, for the community to grow in our understanding of what it means to stay present as a caregiver, and to create a space for us to hold our losses together.

The Centre is engaged in a program for health care professionals and other community caregivers focused on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Caregivers and professionals experience high levels of stress due to the complex and ever present demands that are a part of end-of-life care. This program provides a variety of stress reduction approaches that support an approach that leads to deeper satisfaction in our work through mindfulness practices that also reduce the impacts of stress.

Kalein is in the process of designing a two-year program for health care professionals and caregivers that will expand this approach. We will also be building additional community programming.

Connect with Kalein’s Executive Director, Kim Bater at 250 352-3331 or kim.bater@kaleinhospice.org

Our website has a description of programs and a calendar of events to follow this work.

Hospice Care

Kalein has a partnership with the Nelson and District Hospice Society to deliver hospice care in Nelson and area. For more information on hospice services call Executive Director, Jane DiGiacomo at (250) 352-2337 or email: jane@nelsonhospice.org



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